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I’ll be honest from the off, I really, really like The Wiki Game. I was really looking forward to playing it but there was something about it that I thought I wouldn’t like, or that it would be too hard but, actually, it was such good fun.

The idea of the game is that one person reads out a card and the other players have to answer two sections of that particular card. There are three sections on the card; the first consisting of three trivia questions, the second has three Wikipedia articles which the players need to rank from most to least visited and the third card is a section where everyone can participate. In this section you’re given a question and you need to come up with a number of correct answers.

There is a timer to get your answers together but depending on the age of people playing you don’t necessarily have to use this. And there are whiteboards provided for you to write your answers on too! I loved this aspect because I find that lots of other games come with paper which isn’t reusable and if you run out of an ‘official’ game pad it’s a pain to have to make your own, so these are a great addition to the set.

There are answers for all sections of the cards too despite having read some previous reviews which said that the game didn’t include these – they do! Tokens are given to players each time they get something correct and whoever has the most at the end of the game, wins. Easy.

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One question, which I had read about before I’d gotten The Wiki Game, is a ‘physics’ question, but it asks you to name five characters from The Big Bang Theory. I can understand that to appeal to a wider audience these kind of questions are needed but I wouldn’t say they’re necessarily ‘Wikipedia’ questions – more television, entertainment or general knowledge really, but nonetheless really relevant and really fun. If all the questions were hard, nobody would want to play would they? I think introducing questions like that is totally fine.

The Wiki Game comes packed in a nice little box which doesn’t take up loads of room, say like Scrabble would, and it’s definitely one we’ll be whipping out this Christmas. Jamie and his dad love trivia and knowledge and I think this is going to suit them down to a tee. Plus I really enjoyed playing it too.

Not only that, if you’re going to play with younger ones there’s no harm in it being educational, which it is. It’s something you can test them with in the future, or just play round the table and it be educational without them even knowing it.

Well done Wikipedia, a great first game that, I’m sure, will become a favourite in our house.

*I was sent this product in return for a review. All views and opinions are my own.


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  1. November 24, 2016 / 4:02 pm

    This looks interesting! Hadn’t heard of it before but will look it up online as board games are always a hit :)

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