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Annabel Anderson is, and will be, in many mums’ eyes, a sleep saviour. After constantly having to tuck her three year old back into bed after he had knocked his covers off, she felt she needed to do something. The sleepless nights were becoming a real problem for the whole family and even though Annabel knew she wasn’t alone, she couldn’t find a solution.. so she came up with one herself – Tuck n’ Snug.

Tuck n’ Snug is a new concept in bedding for children and offers a simple solution to sleepless nights. It’s a truly innovative product and will definitely change some households. So what is it? At first glance it just looks like your standard duvet cover, however it has it’s own little job in keeping the duvet on the bed.

Lots of toddlers tend to kick off the covers in their sleep. I know I’ll often go into Toby and he’ll be at the other end of his bed, or he’ll be on top of his covers or they’re scrunched up somewhere at the side. But this solves the problem, especially with the colder weather closing in, and we all know there’s nothing worse than waking up in the middle of the night just because your child is cold.

How does it work? Well, I tried taking some pictures and they came out pretty rubbish so I’ve gone with the step by step pictures to show you:

tuck n' snug review bedding toddler kids single duvet toddler bed tucked in

Pop the duvet on the bed as normal, but just allow the three flaps to hang over the sides and end of the bed, exactly the same with the pillow case (yep, that stays in place too! Good, right?)

tuck n snug review bedding toddler kids single duvet toddler bed tucked in

Lift the duvet up slightly and tuck the fabric flaps under the bed, kind of how you would a sheet. You need to make sure these are quite tight to ensure it doesn’t move. I found that if they were too loose then the duvet shifted around a bit. It obviously depends on how flexible you’d like it to be. The bedding should now be secure.

tuck n' snug review bedding toddler kids single duvet toddler bed tucked in

Once everything is secured you can smooth out the duvet which will hide all the flaps and it looks like a completely normal duvet cover.

I love how easy it was to put onto the bed and just how much it stayed in place. It doesn’t restrict movements and the access in and out of the duvet is just as a normal one would be. It certainly doesn’t have you strapped in. Tuck n Snug isn’t currently available in the shops, but is available to buy on their website in either a toddler bed sized duvet or a single sized. It washes really well and doesn’t crease up too much either, which is great because I hate ironing!

Tuck n’ Snug is made here in Britain; I know I say it all the time but I love anything “home grown”. It currently comes in two designs – a kitten or dog motif. We were sent the kitten which while it can be gender neutral, I still felt it was a little bit girly for Toby, I would definitely have had the dog. Tuck n’ Snug is the perfect product for those night time wrigglers! Thank you Annabel!




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