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As a mum of two boys life gets really, really hectic. I literally spend my life on the go when they’re around and when they’re not I’m usually trying to catch up with work. Trying to make a job out of blogging is really hard. It takes time, dedication, good writing and engagement to name a few and I kind of need the energy to be able to do all that. I wouldn’t say I’m achieving what I want in my blogging life right now but I think things will begin to change toward the end of this year.

When UFIT got in touch asking if I’d like to try some of the protein drinks I wondered how they’d fit in to my daily routine? As someone who flits in and out of tracking calories and macros, and with a husband who practically lives by doing that, I wondered how they’d fit in.

I got sent a small variety of flavoured samples; strawberry, iced latte, vanilla (also lactose free) and chocolate (a bigger sample that contains more protein).

How Do UFIT Shape Up?

I think first of all it’s worth saying that they’re really tasty. They don’t taste like they’re artificially flavoured and they’re not overly flavoured which can sometimes happen. I was a little apprehensive they would be powdery and have a slightly gritty texture but it was exactly how a super smooth milkshake should be.

It really depends what you want from these drinks. If you’re not tracking calories and you’re all about the protein intake then these’ll shape up nicely with 22g of protein in the smaller bottles (310ml) and 50g of protein in the bigger bottles (500ml).

ufit protein drink milkshake review lactose free dairy intolerant whey iced latte strawberry

There are no added sugars and they’re low in fat and you can even get ones that are lactose free; this shows they’re committed to catering for those with specific dietary requirements which I like, though for us it’s not a requirement.

All of the drinks contain sweetener as well as added vitamins, minerals and fibre but this only adds to the goodness of the protein!

UFIT On The Go

I love these drinks for on the go. Protein fills you up so if you’ve forgotten lunch or you need something to tide you over for a bit then these would be good to have to hand. You can have them in place of breakfast if a big breakfast isn’t usually your thing or you can drink them as part of a balanced diet. They’re good for pre and post exercise if you wanted to supplement that, and they’re small enough to throw in your gym back, or handbag for work.

ufit protein drink milkshake review lunch low calorie filling

I found they were particularly good for a low calorie lunch. Having one along side a Mugshot and an apple meant that I got all the protein I needed to get me to tea time without feeling particularly hungry by the time I got there.

Final Thoughts On UFIT

Great for those looking for some extra protein without the extra calories whether you lead a seriously active lifestyle or tend to be a bit more sedentary like me (so hard to get motivated!). They start from 166 calories and go right up to 336 calories and come in some pretty good flavours. They’re good for staving off hunger all while providing good vitamins and minerals and you can basically have them whenever, wherever.

ufit protein drink milkshake review chocolate whey review

You can buy UFIT drinks directly from the website where they hold regular sales or you can buy them from supermarkets such as Tesco (lactose free available from Sainsbury’s & Boots) . Prices do vary depending on whether they’re on offer or not and between retailers but you can generally expect to pay between £1 and £1.75 for a 310ml bottle.

Do you think UFIT shape up for you? I think we’re going to try the banana flavour one next!

*I received these products in return for a review. All views and opinions are my own.


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