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I don’t think it’s any secret to Jamie that I’ve wanted a stand mixer in the kitchen for a while. I had looked at treating myself last year when we had our kitchen work done but never got round to it. I’m not a huge baker, and that’s probably because my mum in law is incredible and I need not bake a cake when hers are amazing but also probably because I’m too lazy to stand and actually beat a good cake mix together. When I say ‘lazy’ what I really mean is I’ve got two kids trying to bite my ankles every time I try and do something.

After attending BlogOn a few weeks ago I came across a company called Domu who had a wonderful stand with lots of exciting kitchen bits on it; one of those being the VonShef stand mixer and after following them up, they’ve very kindly allowed me to review one. If you can’t already tell, this is very exciting, but also very bad because it’s likely to mean that now we’re post wedding I will hopefully be doing a lot of Christmas bakes. Oh well..!

vonshef stand mixer kitchen aid alternative in grey biscuit crumbs mixture review

It turned up a couple of days before my hen do and I really didn’t want to get it out of the box before I could actually use it. Not forgetting that I’d need to shuffle the kitchen around so it had pride of place somewhere on the side. Once I got back, I opened it the very next day and made a lovely little area in the kitchen for it.

Key Features Of The VonShef Stand Mixer

  • There are six speeds and an extra pulse function. There are also functions specifically for whisking, mixing and kneading.
  • The beater is made of silicone to ensure all ingredients are mixed off of the bowl along with two extra accessories; a kneading dough hook and a balloon whisk.
  • The bowl is dishwasher safe (yay!) and holds 5.5 litres. It also comes with a splash guard.

While there are six speeds, all of which work very well, it is really quite noisy. It’s not something you’d be able to use after the kids had gone to bed so it’s definitely a day time machine! The different functions light up when in use and all work “ok” depending on what you want to do.

I have to be honest in that the first two times I used it, I was really disappointed.

vonshef stand mixer kitchen aid alternative in grey biscuit crumbs mixture review

The first time I was making some biscuits and I can’t say that the batter/dough came together very well at all. I tried it at various speeds and whatever I did, didn’t work. In the end I had to take it out of the VonShef stand mixer and finish mixing it by hand.

The second time we used it was to make some pancakes. We whisk our egg whites to stiff peaks separately and I was quite excited for it to be done really quickly. Three large eggs were put into the bowl and the whisk barely touched them. There’s a slight dome at the bottom of the mixing bowl which means the whisk does not touch the bottom and so our eggs were still very much raw. A further egg added in seemed to help a little but it was very much still raw and runny underneath what the whisk could whip up. This is really, really disappointing.

vonshef stand mixer kitchen aid alternative in grey biscuit crumbs mixture review

Having said that, it does mix a cake recipe pretty well. I made a cake only yesterday with this and it brought the mixture together beautifully. The cake is light, fluffy and really yummy!

A couple of things that I really like about this is that the mixing bowl has a capacity of 5.5 litres, which is great if you want to do some batch baking, or mix up some batters and separate them and flavour them differently. And the best thing about it is that it’s dishwasher friendly – after you’ve licked the bowl clean of course (especially with a good cake mix!).

Other features include a splash guard with an opening that you can add liquids through and there’s also a rubber cover to place over your mixture if you want it to prove or sit for a while! It also has rubber based feet which stick to your work surface to minimise and movement it may experience.

I have to say this offers a nice focal point in the kitchen and looks really good in its own little corner. It’s available in an array of colours from black right through to pink so there’s sure to be one that suits your kitchen. It’s sleek and stylish despite it’s quite bold design and it certainly rivals other high end stand mixers.

vonshef stand mixer kitchen aid alternative in grey biscuit crumbs mixture review

Overall, it’s certainly a contender in the market and would do so much better with a few tweaks. It’s an incredibly low priced product for what you’re getting and it’s efficient, reliable and of course extremely powerful.

If you want something that will get the job done, or at least most of it, this is the one for you that won’t make your purse take that much of a hit. VonShef are certainly creeping up the ranks with this at £84.99!

Have you heard of VonShef before? Do you have any of their amazing products? Let me know!

*I was sent this product for the purposes of this review. All views and opinions are my own.


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