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If you don’t know me then here’s a little secret; I love surprises. Having said that I am also the impatient type and like to know about things so you can’t win either way. If it was a birthday or Christmas you can guarantee I’d be desperately trying not to find out what people had got for me, all while wondering if I should just have a peek anyway.

With WowBox I can’t do that. I can’t peek or get hints and it literally is a surprise so I just have to wait until it comes to the door. Choose between an alcoholic or non-alcoholic box and you’ll then be sent a surprise selection of food, snacks and drinks worth over £20 and when you’re only paying £10 it can’t be bad, can it? Even better, if you further review your the surprises from your box, you’ll get an extra £5 worth of products in your next box. You are also able to customise further boxes.

Each month WowBox curate and deliver new to the market, innovative and emerging products from unique brands straight to your door. I love knowing about new things coming out, product testing and being the first to know about enhancements to existing products.

This is where I’ll admit that WowBox itself is not a new concept and not exactly new to the market. WowBox have a big job on their hands with some rather big, and already established, services as there are, of course, companies who are already doing this. But this kind of thing is always a marathon, never a sprint. So what’s in the box?

‘Nothing But’ Dried Snacks

These are something we have tried before so they’re not new to me but they are up and coming. However, one that I haven’t tried before was the dried vegetable snacks; we’ve been sent the pea and sweetcorn one. I love munching on things like peas and sweetcorn (cook them from frozen and they’re fab just to nibble on) but I was a bit sceptical about them being freeze dried and in a packet. The pineapple and grape snacks were a little less to take in as freeze dried because, in my head, they are a ‘thing’. But, I have to admit I was proven wrong. The peas and sweetcorn, while the texture was of course a little different, hadn’t lost their taste and I love that you can whip packs like these into your handbag or a lunchbox and have them on the go. Love these!

nothing but premium freeze dried snacks fruit vegetables wowbox review five a day

Willy Chase’s Fit Popcorn – Apple Cider Vinegar

As a family we are a little obsessed with popcorn at the moment. It all stemmed from our trip to France in February where we couldn’t get Teddy to stop eating it in the bar. I love the tang of apple cider vinegar and so I just knew I would love this packet of popcorn without evening opening it. It’s all air popped so the calories are low and it’s ‘free from’ so many things; gluten, wheat, peanuts, dairy and even guilt! Yes people, this is guilt free popcorn! All the seasoning is natural and it’s just oh so good – this is one of my favourite things in the box.

willy chase's fit popcorn apple cider vinegar made using the mother discover flavour wowbox review

ChiaBia Whole Chia Seeds

We seem to have quite the love for chia seeds; they’re a store cupboard essential. I love sprinkling them on to things like soup and they’re a great way to boost your omega 3 intake. They’re also a source of protein, fibre and lots of other vitamins and minerals. They have a super subtle taste so even if you’re not a huge seed fan you can mix these in and you wouldn’t know they were there.

chiabia whole chia seeds omega 3 fibre protein vitamins and minerals sprinkle on soup and in food wowbox review

Yushoi Snapea Rice Sticks – Soy + Balsamic Vinger

Yummy! Seriously. I love Yushoi rice sticks anyway having had them in my cupboards now for quite a while. They’re a baked snack using green peas. They’re a healthy alternative to crisps and are suitable for vegetarians and vegans as well as being ‘free from’ a lot of other things. These snacks offer a ‘Japanese X British’ twist. The saltiness that comes from the soy and the tangy kick that comes from the balsamic I love that they’ve not used straight up salt and vinegar, it wouldn’t be rice. They’re light, fluffy and incredibly moreish!

yushoi rice sticks snapea green peas puffed snack soy and balsamic vinegar japanese inspired with british classic wowbox review

Maretti Bruschetta Bites – Tomato, Olives + Oregano

Bread, bread, bread. You can’t beat the stuff. I love it however it comes and I especially love it at BBQs and on buffet spreads and on a picnic blanket. These bruschetta bites are absolutely perfect for this Summer. These are the kind of thing you can leave out for nibbling on, for guests to take a bite at and they taste so good. Italian food is one of my favourite foods and the mix of tomato, olives and oregano was never not going to work – they’re divine. They’re crisp, crunchy and full of flavour.

Maretti italian style bruschette bites bruschetta tomato olives oregano barbecue bbq inspiration picnic buffet finger food wowbox review

Italian Chardonnay

I’ll admit, I’m not a huge drinker and chardonnay isn’t my thing but this is a great addition to those who would opt for the alcoholic box. This chardonnay is described as being ‘rich and full bodied with additional flavours of vanilla, butter and even caramel from the oak. It has a great clean citrus finish note’. Now, that to me, sounds like it would be the perfect sup for when the kiddos are in bed but I wasn’t personally a fan.

italian chardonnay cortereal sups wowbox review

Hoots Multigrain Snacks

I received two different flavours of this snack; smoked bacon and salt and pepper. Lovingly made with wholegrain and seeds and being baked not fried these are definitely a delicious alternative to crisps. They’re thick and crunchy but light when they start to break down. The flavours aren’t so intense that they take over your whole mouth but it’s enough for that initial flavour hit. Definitely considering buying these for the kiddos.

Green Lady – Sparkling Tea

If you know me, you’ll know I love tea. But only if it’s English breakfast. This ‘Green Lady’ sparkling tea is a feel good drink made from Darjeeling tea leaves. It’s been infused with nutmeg, carob fruit and rose oil. It’s described as a ‘calming stimulant that thoroughly satisfies the tastebuds’. I would love to say I agree but I just don’t like Darjeeling, sorry! The sparkling sensation was a nice one but the rose left a bit of an aftertaste and I personally don’t think this works. It might appeal more to those who are really into their tea but it wasn’t for me.

wowbox review green lady sparkling darjeeling tea hoots multigrain snack smoked bacon

Last WowBox Thoughts

Overall I thought the WowBox had a great selection of products. Some of them I loved, some of them I didn’t but that is the roll of the dice with these boxes. I would hope that should I go on to subscribe that when I customise my boxes they’ll be much more tailored to things that I’d like to receive, rather than guesswork. That’s where I think WowBox could potentially have the upper hand here. Customisable is always appealing!

*This product was sent to me in return for a review. All views and opinions are my own.
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  1. May 27, 2017 / 7:15 pm

    Ohh! I haven’t heard of this box before. I do like the look and sound of it.
    It looks like you got a good range of things to try :) x

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