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You may have seen last month that I reviewed my first ever WowBox. This month another one turned up unexpectedly at the door so I thought I’d do a second write up of what you can expect when you’re ordering a WowBox.

While the second box was a lovely surprise, I must say I don’t think I’m quite as impressed with it as I was with the first. It’s not that it was full of the wrong things as such, just it seemed very much like a ‘pub’ box. You might see what I mean as we go through the products.

Double Oreos

Ok, let’s start with the seriously, seriously good stuff. Oreos! Who doesn’t love Oreos? What’s even better than Oreos? DOUBLE OREOS! I think I’ve said ‘Oreos’ enough in there but seriously, oh my goodness! These are so, so good. I mean, they are anyway, but you just can’t go wrong with a pack, or five, in a sitting can you?

wow box wowbox review double cream oreos cadbury biscuits American

Super tasty, double cream and perfect for snacking on. This was probably my joint favourite product in the box along side the…

Lindt Lindor Milk Chocolate

Lindt chocolate is one of my favourite chocolates. The only thing better than these milk chocolate ones is the white chocolate ones. You can’t not please someone when you put chocolate in a food subscription box; especially a classic like these. They don’t last very long but they are so divine so they’re not bound to be hanging around are they?

wow box wowbox review lindt lindor milk chocolate truffles

WowBox Drinks, Drinks, Drinks (A Whole Lot)

Don’t get me wrong, I love a good drink as much as the next person. Whether it’s fizzy pop, flavoured water, a can of something or other I’m quite happy. Two thirds of the products in this box were drinks. This is where it gets a bit like a pub/bar. I appreciate there is a need to cater for the masses and you won’t please everyone but I felt like this was just a bit too much of one thing.

I also review another food and drink subscription box on a regular basis and find that there is much more of a variety; drinks, confectionary, immediately edible food, food that requires cooking, food that are only ingredients to a dish right through to snacks. The drinks included were nice, sure, but I felt like I could open up a corner shop with them all.

Heineken Alcohol Free

This is great if you’ve ordered the non-alcoholic version of this box but I think I’d prefer a soft drink rather than fake alcohol. I’m not a lager/beer girl so I can’t really comment on the quality of this particular products.

Pepsi Max Ginger

My husband actually drank this out as it’s something he had wanted to try for a while. In his opinion it’s quite an acquired taste. Not everyone will like ginger, though he does, and he found that the first few mouthfuls weren’t that great, but that the taste grew on him. Perfect for this box because it’s all about tasting new things so this was a great addition!

wow box wowbox review heineken alcohol free beer lager pepsi max ginger bud light can lucozade blackcurrant bliss rubicon sparkling pomegranate echo falls white peach wine

Bud Light

Again, not one I have tasted but I’m sure this is perfect if you’ve ordered the alcoholic box. Drink up!

Lucozade Blackcurrant Bliss

I’ll admit, I was quite excited about this because I love Lucozade. However, I was left pretty disappointed. It didn’t have that usual Lucozade ‘kick’, it literally tasted like lemonade mixed with blackcurrant squash and it was just a bit average. I love the vibrant packaging but I think I’ll stick with the orange for now!

Rubicon Sparkling Pomegranate

This can has a little punch to pack. It’s very, very sweet and super sparkling. I liked how refreshing this was and it was nice to have a different fruit being used instead of the usual flavours.

Echo Falls White Peach Wine

Again, a nice addition if you’ve ordered the alcoholic box. Perfect for the longer nights and warmer weather we’ve been having. I haven’t been able to try this out yet as the weather went very downhill and I’m not a huge alcohol lover (any more!) but it sounds like it’d be really fruity and refreshing after a long day!

McCoys Chips

Two new flavours from McCoys chips; salt and vinegar and chip shop curry. As someone who used to work in a chip shop these are probably two of my favourite flavours. The smells are unmistakeable and they taste even better. Perfect little snack to make you think of being by the seaside.

wow box wowbox review KP snacks mccoys chips salt vinegar chip shop curry flavour

While I liked a few of the things in this box, I didn’t feel like the others were for me. It did seem a bit ‘pub’ like as I mentioned, especially with the amount of drinks and the snacks but the chocolate and Oreos went down well.

Did you get the same in your WowBox this month? What did you think?



  1. June 10, 2017 / 7:58 pm

    Ah I love a snack type box – and I am currently addicted to those chip shop mccoys! Amazing things x

  2. June 10, 2017 / 11:52 am

    Wow you’re right! Lots and lots of drinks
    I imagine the pepsi one tastes really weird

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