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It’s almost time to turn the clocks back and embrace the longer, darker and colder nights but I am desperately looking forward to them because it means Christmas is on the way and hopefully it means I can trick the boys into thinking it’s still the middle of the night at 6am when at least one of them is ready to get up!

yankee candle candles review autumn night honey and clementine rhubarb crumble ebony oak cosy home

However, making the most of my evenings is what I love to do best and one thing I adore having on is a candle. They don’t necessarily have to be scented, but just that cosy flicker going off in the corner is just enough to restore calm to my day. However, one type of candle I’ve had in my house ever since we moved in, is a Yankee Candle. And, quite generously, Yankee Candle sent me four of their Autumn scented candles for review, and obviously they’ve been burning away almost every day since I got them; not all at once mind you.

Autumn Night Yankee Candle

This is probably one of my new favourites. It’s a dark wax so it automatically makes me think of a dark sky and it smells lovely. It’s definitely not one of the stronger scents that I’m used to from Yankee but it does give off this wonderful, homely smell and is really rather inviting. This is the one you can usually find burning in my living room in the evening. This is one you definitely want it you like a subtle fragrance.

yankee candle candles review autumn night honey and clementine rhubarb crumble ebony oak cosy home

Rhubarb Crumble Yankee Candle

This is probably my least favourite Yankee so far. I think it’s quite a sickly smelling wax, although it’s not too bad when you’re burning it. I just don’t think “foodie” smelling candles are for me, personally and it’s not one I’d choose to have on. It might be nice at Christmas if you’re looking for your kitchen to have that “I’m cooking a lovely dessert” smell but as an every day candle I don’t think this one works that well. Having said that, I love the bright pinkiness of it and it’s lovely and vibrant.

Honey Clementine Yankee Candle

I love the smell of this one. It’s really uplifting and refreshing without being too sickly and I have this on my kitchen windowsill; usually burning throughout the day. It kind of brings that warm Autumn sunshine inside. It’s a bright orange wax which does look a little garish but it does bring a little pop of colour to the room and it makes my kitchen smell lovely!

yankee candle candles review autumn night honey and clementine rhubarb crumble ebony oak cosy home

Ebony and Oak Yankee Candle

This particular scent is really, really homely. It’s quite “musky” at first, but really inviting once it gets going. It’s a nice plain wax and would honestly work well in any room of the house right through from the living room to the bedroom. I think this is a nice one to have on when you’re having a relaxing bath once the kids are in bed because even with the door closed the smell never becomes too much.

The Yankee Candle ranges are, by far, some of my favourites. I’ve had everything from the wax melts to the big jars and they’ve always made my house smell really lovely. I find they’re much longer lasting than a plug in air freshener and I think it’s nice to see the flames flicker out of the corner of your eye every once in a while! They last for absolutely ages which is why I will continue to buy them. They may seem expensive but they are superior in quality to a lot of candles.

What scent are you going for this Autumn?

*I was sent these products in return for this review. All views and opinions are my own.



  1. October 31, 2016 / 12:51 am

    Oh I love yankee candles, I have a few left for christmas luckily.

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