Eight Top Tips For Happy Spring Legs

Spring is finally in the air which can only mean one thing – it’s time to get those legs in tip top condition ready for release. Hate it or loathe it we all do it..what am I talking about? Hair removal of course.

Whether you’re a waxer, shaver, creamer or get sugared we’re all at risk of the dreaded red pimples and ingrown hairs. While some of us have no issues with ingrown hairs, others unfortunately do. So follow these top shaving tips to get those pins looking, and feeling, fab.

Here’s How To Get The Best Out Of Your Legs

  1.  Love your legs and treat them to an exfoliation treatment at least twice a week. You can do this with exfoliating gloves or a nice smelling scrub. It will get rid of all the dead, dull skin cells and give the pores a proper good clean out which in turn will make it easier for the hairs to push through – plus it leaves the skin feeling super clean and smooth.
  2. Slap on the moisturiser every day to keep the skin feeling supple and soft. Moisturising the skin every day not only makes the legs look and feel great, but it also helps encourage the hairs to grow up and out. This also encourages the hair to grow through straight, rather than in different directions and curled up which can leave us with red and sore spots

    cosmetics bag razor legs ready for spring aloe clear moisturise blades

  3. If you’re a shaver don’t skimp on the razor. Single headed blades are fine for a night away, but they play havoc with the hairs. Get a triple headed blade that won’t pull on the hairs and that will smoothly glide over the skin. You can’t go wrong with a Mach3.
  4. Change the blade regularly. The bonus of a multi-bladed head is that you won’t need to go back over and repeat the same spot which causes less irritation to the skin.
  5. Enjoy the warm bubble bath or chill under a steamy shower. Let the legs relax in the warm water before reaching for the razor. The warm water will help soften the skin and open the hair follicles making the hairs happy and less likely to retreat under the skin. Believe me, I have dry razored my legs on more than one occasion!

    cosmetics bag razor legs ready for spring aloe clear moisturise blades smooth legs in converse all stars hanging out of a car

  6. Lather up, and I don’t mean with soap. Use a proper shaving cream or gel, even your hair conditioner will do the job, but no soap. For some extra TLC use a gel or cream with added soothing oils like aloe extracts as these will help sooth irritated skin and give your legs that silky smooth feeling. The razor will slide over the skin if you use the right product leaving no nips or un-sightly cuts and helps reduce the risk of ingrown hairs. A good solution for razor bumps is Aloeclear.
  7. Shave savvy. Don’t hold the skin taut as you shave, you will stretch and open up the hair follicle which will encourage the hairs to go back down, instead just let the razor flow in right direction. For really sensitive and ingrown hair prone skin shave with the grain first to shorten the hair, then if you want a closer, smoother shave re-apply the gel or cream and shave against the grain.
  8. And finally, leave your man’s blades alone. Stick to your own clean, fresh new razor. You don’t know how long he’s been using that blade for.

What are your top tips for getting your legs Spring ready?


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