Siblings | Toby and Teddy In January 2017

A new year and another new linky to join in. This time it’s the ‘Siblings’ project where I’d like to keep up to date with the boys over the last month and what better way to keep track than this, along with Living Arrows on a weekly basis.

Toby and Teddy are, by far, the absolute lights of my life. They are also my two biggest pains in the bum. Seriously. I’m not going to say we’ve have the best month so far, because we haven’t. It’s been filled with illness and a feeling of constant exhaustion, kind of like we haven’t really gotten over Christmas properly and we’re still trying to catch up from the break. We haven’t been out on our usual outdoor adventures and life in general seems to have come to a halt and Toby and Teddy have both really suffered with this.

toby and teddy in january 2017 siblings project raising the rings

I’ll admit it, they’re not the best of friends. They’re close in age (20 months difference) and while they’re so alike in so many ways, they are also both extremely different characters and the clashes are really showing. Toby, for whatever reason, has become much more clingy and dependent on me. He has never really been the ‘independent’ type; he loves attention and would much rather play with someone that use his imagination and play on his own. On the other hand, if you do try and play with him it only lasts about five or ten minutes before he’s bored and starts acting up and being silly.

Teddy on the other hand absolutely relishes the chance to play by himself. I can sit in the same room and he would prefer not to have too much attention so that he can just get on with what he’s doing. His imagination is plentiful and he’s quite resourceful in his play too, something which has never come naturally to Toby.

toby and teddy in january 2017 siblings project raising the rings

Together they are an absolute nightmare most days, they don’t play nicely at all and often one starts crying and putting their parts on because the other has something they want. Boys! Having said that, the other side of their relationship is that of ‘typical boys’. They do play fight and they get up to so much mischief when they’re together it actually drives me insane but it’s incredible to watch. Forget the kicking and fighting, the hugs and kisses are plentiful at the moment.

Toby’s hours at nursery have gone up and he now spends 2.5 days a week there which he absolutely adores. Those are his favourite days and when he’s not there he asks to go. I love that he’s confident enough to strut into nursery when he goes, rarely looking back for a kiss and a hug goodbye. He becomes this completely different child where he’s engaged, loving and charming and at the moment we’re not seeing a lot of that at home.

toby and teddy in january 2017 siblings project raising the rings

Teddy loves the time and space to himself and he really comes alive. I just really wish they would play together more and I suppose that will come with age. Either way, by the next update I’m really hoping that their relationship will have improved, and I’m also hoping mine improves with Toby.

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  1. January 20, 2017 / 12:01 am

    Give it time and they will play together more so than now x

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