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Ahh, sleep. Some of you’ll know what it is, others not so much. I’m kind of in between – as in some nights I get enough and others I absolutely don’t. I’ve never really been a morning person unless it’s my birthday or we were off to Alton Towers or something. As a teenager I’d sometimes sleep in until 1pm and I think the latest I ever slept until was about 4pm – they were the days!

Hannah from Hi Baby has tagged me to take part in the bedtime tag where I answer 10 questions about my bedtime routine and sleep habits. The poor girl hasn’t had a full night’s sleep for almost two years which makes me think I should probably stop moaning about the lack of mine!

Describe Your Usual Bedtime Routine

Um, I don’t think I have one really. I’ll put the kids to bed at about 7pm, do a bit of work, maybe watch a bit of TV, have a shower and then go to bed. The bits in the middle sometimes change order a bit but that’s the general gist of my ‘routine’. Once I’m asleep I sometimes wake up 1-3 times a night, give or take really. Ooh one thing I have been doing almost religiously is taking off my make up. I never used to bother much and I would only do it if it really needed it but it’s done wonders for my skin.

What Are Your Favourite Pyjamas?

Oh I am all about the pyjamas and I have some super gorgeous ones from Boux Avenue that I recently bought. They’re dark blue with a gorgeous floral pattern on them. I don’t sleep in them but do love to lounge around in them in the evening and first thing in the morning. They’re absolutely not sexy in any way but they are so pretty! Other than that, I don’t actually wear them.

the bedtime tag boux avenue floral print favourite pyjamas white floorboards comfortable captured by lucy backdrop white floorboards

What Is Your Current Bedtime Reading?

Er, does social media count? I tend to have a flick and a scroll through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. If I do get into a book I tend to go for short stories because long books seem to take me ages to read now. I either don’t go to bed early enough, or I’m too tired if I do. I had set myself a little goal of reading at least one book a month but that’s totally gone out the window, sadly.

What Would I Find On Your Bedside Table?

A bedside lamp, a coaster, remote controls for the TV and the Amazon Fire stick thing we have, my Kindle, a book that I’m intending to read, a hair bobble and a candle. That makes it sound really cluttered but I promise you it’s not!

the bedtime tag whats on your bedside table cabinet kindle candle lamp coaster

What Scent Makes You Sleepy?

Definitely not lavender! I like to keep things light so scents like vanilla and sandalwood are good. I wouldn’t say any particular scent makes me sleepy though. I’ve never really thought about it!

What Is Your Usual Bedtime And Wake Up Time?

Usual bedtime tends to be anywhere between 10pm and 11pm. Although if we’ve had an awful day and we’re knackered we’ll go to bed earlier, say around 9pm, or if we’ve been out it came sometimes be 1am.

Wake up time is always down to the kids, mainly Toby. I can’t remember the last time I woke up of my own accord. Boo.

What Are Your Top Three Bedtime Products?

A really, really good mattress – don’t ever scrimp on one!
Comfortable bedding – when we move house I can not wait to invest in some incredibly lovely bedding.
A nice lamp – I love a touch lamp so you can adjust the brightness and I love how it brings a cosy glow into the room especially in Winter.

What Is Your Most Common Sleeping Position?

I’ll lie on my left side with my left leg fully extended, right leg is pulled up toward my chest, my left arm is tucked under my pillow near my head and my right arm rests on top of that. If I roll over everything is mirrored. If I sleep on my back I normally get a nudge from the husband telling me I’m snoring way too loudly and need to roll over – sorry husband!

Do You Have Anything You Like To Take To Bed With You?

This is probably going to sound really sad! I don’t purposely take anything to bed with me, I hate the thought of laying on something or getting wrapped up in more than the duvet but if one of the boy’s gulleys (muslins) is in our bed I usually tuck it under my pillow after having a little sniff of it.

the bedtime tag what can you not sleep without gulleys muslins

What Is Your Worst Bedtime Habit?

Not going to sleep when I’m tired. I can be looking forward to getting into bed all day but as soon as I’m in there, even if I’ve purposely had an earlier night, I’ll still lay awake thinking about things, have a scroll through social media, flick the TV on or read a book until it ends up being pretty late and the time I would’ve gone to bed anyway.

I’d love to know more about you and your bedtime habits! Do you sleep in the same position as me? Or do you sleep in a weird position?

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Have fun guys!


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