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As Spring gives way to Summer everyone starts to update their wardrobes. At this time of the year you can start putting most of the kid’s jumpers on the top shelf, and go out to buy them a few t-shirts and shorts. Personally, I can’t wait because there are some seriously cute things out at the moment.

Of course, kids aside, you’ll probably be looking to update your wardrobe as well, and you’ll probably encourage your partner to do the same (although, my husband needs absolutely no shoving because his wardrobe and drawers are rammed with clothes). That way, as soon as you wake up to a warm Saturday or Sunday, you’ll have all you need to hand so that you can get out and enjoy the day. Any excuse to go shopping, right? Here are a few staple items that you should invest in this Summer:

Tees and Shirts

It’s usually a good idea to buy everyone at least a few new t-shirts. If the old ones are cotton you can cut them up and use them as dusters round the house or they’re ideal for buffing up a freshly waxed car. If you have younger children and the t-shirts are in good condition they could potentially be saved for next year too.

This year, bold designs are on trend. If you liked the fashion of the 90s you are going to love this year’s t-shirts because a lot of designers have clearly been inspired by that era. As a 90s kid, it’s all coming back to me and I am super excited for some of the designs I’ve seen in the shop window so far.

Don’t Forget Swimwear

At this time of the year it’s also a good idea to get them to try on their swimming costumes, so you don’t end up realising at the last moment that they do not fit, especially if you’re going away on holiday. The last thing you need is to get the kids all excited about going swimming only to end up dragging them to the shops for new swimwear, instead. Luckily for us we update our swimwear as and when because we attend swimming lessons so we’re never behind on size.

For the girls bikinis are on trend and there are always some good choices in the shops. A nice string style two-piece is a good option if you like that style but if you’re feeling a little conscious (like me!) there are some really nice bikinis available that are specifically designed to flatter the figure no matter your size or shape. For example, there are high waisted bikinis, tankinis or even swimming costumes that hug you in exactly all the right places. There’s something for everyone and you will absolutely rock your swimwear this year.

Practical Shorts

Everyone needs a good pair of shorts for the Summer and there seems to be plenty of styles available year after year.  For the men and boys cargo shorts are a good choice. As you can see here, they look great and aren’t that expensive. One huge positive is that they have plenty of pockets which makes them a particularly practical option. They are usually available in a range of lengths and colours so it’s easy to find exactly what you need.

For the women you don’t want anything too tight or uncomfortable (function over fashion ladies) as you’re still likely to be running around after the kids, so practicality should come into it too. I prefer linen shorts in the Summer just because they’re light and airy and they look fashionable while being totally practical too.

Summer Dresses

Most women and girls like to wear dresses, especially in the summer. This year, the designs are bright and bold; think large floral prints and hot pinks but, if you prefer more muted tones and tailored cuts, don’t worry because most retailers have also included those in their collections too. Try not to opt for anything too tight fitting either, there’s nothing worse than going out in the height of Summer and having your dress clinging to you all day.

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Jumpsuits And Playsuits

This year, if dresses aren’t your thing you’ll also lots of opportunities to wear a jumpsuit or playsuit instead. These instant outfits are a surprisingly good addition to any woman’s wardrobe, and in the 90s men wore them too (I can’t imagine it, but true story!). Right now, it is mostly women’s fashion retailers that are selling them but there is a good chance that by the end of the season you will see something similar in the men’s section.

With all of this in mind, don’t forget to accessorise with shoes, hats, sunglasses, bags and jewellery. When I go shopping this year I’m going to be adopting a ‘capsule wardrobe’ approach when buying any new clothes for the season ahead. Hopefully the sun will be shining in Britain this year!

What will your Summer style be this year? Relaxed? Practical? High fashion mama?


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