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This post is one that I don’t really know how to start. It’s one of those I feel would be conveyed better by video but it’s one that also deserves pen to paper, figuratively speaking of course.

‘Rainbow babies’ are babies that are born following a loss. Whether that be miscarriage, stillbirth, infant loss or neonatal death. In our world, rainbows follow storms and are a sign of hope and a sign that things will get better. Having just experienced the storm, the rainbow is more appreciated in comparison. I personally don’t have a rainbow baby but know of many parents who have, and it’s with that in mind that I write this post.

there is a rainbow of hope at the end of every storm rainbow baby taylord bundles personalised gifts

Taylor’d Bundles know all too well that there are a huge number of reasons why you may wish to send a gift to someone who’s on their journey into parenthood or someone who is already well travelled. There could be congratulations in order, a well wish, a simple ‘just because’ and Taylor’d Bundles have come up with some of the most thoughtful and beautifully designed gift bundles for parents and parents to be.

One of their newest boxes is the ‘Rainbow Baby Bundle’. A few months ago Caz Taylor, the owner, founder and curator of Taylor’d Bundles was reminded of a time in her life and how it spurred her on to make Taylor’d Bundles a reality. It came to Caz that it was now time to extend the gift collection to include presents that not only celebrated new mums and safe baby arrivals, but gifts that also extended a silent arm around your friend’s shoulder with words unspoken but a feeling sensed.

 taylor'd bundles tailored personalised new baby bundles rainbow babies

There are so many reasons to celebrate rainbow babies but I’ve always found it really hard to know what to do or say to those who have had them. I put it to the parenting community to find out ways we can celebrate rainbow babies rather than shying away.

Get The Birth Order Right

One mum suggested that getting the birth order right is one of the nicest things you can do. If a mother gave birth and subsequently lost that baby it’s nice to remember that that baby was still here, still on this Earth, was a human being and a child nonetheless. It’s still good to acknowledge that they were once here even if they are now soaring.

Say And Write The Baby’s Name

Absolute music to their ears is the beautiful name that was chosen for their child. Speak about the baby and write about the baby as you would any of the family’s living children. Say it warmly and without hesitation.

Time, Empathy And Space

For families who have lost a child, time and closeness are utterly holy. Every family will take on the experience of a rainbow baby in very different ways, just like those who mourn and experience grief – it’s different for everyone. As long as you can offer support in any way they’d like just give them space to not only celebrate this new life, but to grieve their loss as it will undoubtedly bring up memories and be very raw. Give them time to bond and always be there at the sideline so that when they’re ready they’ll call for you.

Buy Presents For The Parents-To-Be

Lucy from Mrs H’s Favourite Things is someone who has two beautiful rainbow babies and writes a lot on her blog about them. Lucy even has a Rainbow Baby series where other parents get to share their experiences with the world. I asked for some quotes from women who have been through this and can offer ways of staying positive, things they’d have liked friends to do for them, how they felt when they found out they were expecting a rainbow baby, or thoughts they had after the birth. Lucy said this, “I found the nicest things that people could do for me were to just be kind. Listen to me when I needed to talk about my anxiety (even if they had heard the same thing 100 times before). And if they wanted to buy anything before Baby was born then I wanted it to be for me. I didn’t want to tempt fate”.

Celebrate The Family

Don’t just focus on the new baby, although it is rather lovely, ensure that you are celebrating the whole family (including those they may have lost). Try and divide your time between a cuddle with the baby, any siblings and conversing with the parents. I’m sure they won’t say no to you offering to make a cuppa or doing something round the house.

Welcome To The World – Rainbow Themed Party Or Send A Rainbow

Another little idea that also came from Lucy at Mrs H’s Favourite Things is a rainbow themed party after the baby has been born. She threw one, although hasn’t written about it yet, and I can’t wait to see it when she does. If you can’t throw a party then you can just send a rainbow which brings me on to Taylor’d Bundles.

Taylor’d Bundles have created a Rainbow Baby bundle for when you’d like to send a special little something to a special little someone. The Rainbow Baby bundle is one of their most recent additions and it’s the perfect gift to recognise how far a couple have come. Everything comes in a beautiful branded box complete with ribbon… so what’s inside?

Lala & Bea Rainbow Pram Blanket

Made from 100% New British Wool in Wales, this gorgeous rainbow inspired blanket is the absolute feature of this box. It’s traditional in size and has a lovely fold-over edge which acts like a shallow pocket with fringe edging. It’s gender neutral, incredibly soft and it just radiates positivity. It’s a lifelong keepsake and one that will definitely hold a lot of emotions and memories for both the rainbow baby and their parents. I love this and think it’s a fantastic addition to the box.

taylor'd bundles rainbow baby babies gift personalised new parents lala & bea blanket fringed

Find Lala and Bea on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Bo & Bel Teething Necklace

Every baby is going to teeth at some point! Toby had his first tooth at 16 weeks and Teddy his first at 19 weeks. They would grab on to anything they could get their hands on and so I invested in a teething necklace so with that in mind you’ll get a Bo&Bel teething necklace in your Rainbow Baby Taylor’d Bundle. As these boxes are, of course, tailored your necklace will come in a design that uses complementing colours – red and white.

Not only are these great for wearing when baby is feeding, because it gives them something to hold on to other than your hair, earrings or face, but as they do start teething they’ll know it’s something they can put in their mouth without having it taken away again. The other great thing about these necklaces are that they’re lightweight to wear and are made of European EN71 standard silicone which means it’s totally safe for baby to gnaw on.

taylor'd bundles rainbow baby babies gift personalised new parents bo & bel teething necklace modern style led fashionable

Not only are these necklaces functional but they are super stylish too. The creator of Bo&Bel wanted to create a product that was design led but also something that stood out from the crowed and I really think she’s captured it and done it. The pieces are divine and this is a wonderful addition to the Rainbow Baby bundle.

Find Bo&Bel on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Lady Bakewell-Park Biscuits

Because hello.. what new parent doesn’t need biscuits, right? I have lusted for so long after these biscuits and so when I found out they were part of the Rainbow Baby bundle I was so excited. They are absolutely divine. Lady Bakewell-Park is widely known on social media for creating these delicious marbled biscuits and her trademark is capturing song lyrics on these biscuits.

taylor'd bundles rainbow baby babies gift personalised new parents lady bakewell-park biscuits lady gaga lyrics twinkle twinkle

In the Taylor’d Bundle you’ll receive nine of these square, bespoke biscuits, three of each design, and they’ll read “We are all born superstars” (Lady Gaga), “How I wonder what you are” (Twinkle Twinkle) and “You too are truly scrumptious” (Chitty Chitty Bang Bang). Each biscuit is handmade by Becky at Lady Bakewell-Park HQ. If your recipient is gluten free, this can also be accommodated which I think is amazing.

taylor'd bundles rainbow baby babies gift personalised new parents lady bakewell-park biscuits lady gaga lyrics twinkle twinkle

I think these biscuits are that extra little touch in this rainbow bundle and I love that they come in the colours of the rainbow. They’re really in keeping with the theme, I feel that the wording on the biscuits is totally reflective of the things we think when our new baby is in our hands and they taste amazing. What more could you want?

Find Lady Bakewell-Park on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Greeting Card

This exclusively designed A6 card reads ‘Welcome To The World Little One’ so you don’t even have to go out and buy a separate one. It’s the perfect size and the perfect wording for any new arrival. The design is hand lettered and is blank inside for your own message and comes with a recycled brown envelope.

taylor'd bundles rainbow baby babies gift personalised new parents welcome to the world little one card succulent

The Other Bits You Must Know About Taylor’d Bundles!

When you first open this box you’re met with a ribbon tied parcel inside and a peg attached that reads ‘New Baby’ although this can be personalised with the new baby’s name. It’s a truly beautiful touch and there’s something really endearing about the peg, I don’t know why! Pegs are simple creations, but they’re strong, they hold a lot and they certainly go through lots of changes in the weather which I guess is metaphorical given the type of gift box this is. Some of you might say I’m reading too much into a wooden peg but I believe that Taylor’d Bundles have really thought about every aspect of this box, right down to this little peg!

taylor'd bundles rainbow baby babies gift personalised new parents packaging ribbon peg flatlay

All bundles over £50, whether it’s the Rainbow Bundle or other, come with a set of 16 exclusively designed Milestone cards designed by Fabrose – you do need to send some pictures in to claim these but I am sure, like the rest of the bundle, it is absolutely worth doing. It’s something for the new parents to do with their brand new arrival and they will also act as further keepsakes when they’ve been received. You can find Fabrose on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Without a doubt Taylor’d Bundles have created this beautiful Rainbow Bundle which is absolutely perfect for those with a rainbow baby. I really hope I’ve done it justice as I really believe that little things like this can go a long way. The box itself is £55 with P&P charged at £7.25.  You can view all other Taylor’d Bundles products on the website or you can find them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram too.

taylor'd bundles rainbow baby babies gift personalised new parents marble ribbon tied gift box giftbox

*I was sent this Rainbow Bundle in return for a review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


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  1. May 12, 2017 / 12:01 pm

    As a mother of two rainbow babies, I really appreciate all the thought gifts featured above. I love the beautiful blanket. It makes me tearful but it is important to talk about baby loss. I think the advice to focus on the mother (family) and not the baby is important. I was always nervous about jinxing the pregnancy so really did not want gifts for the baby before birth Even though extremely grateful for my “rainbow babies” they don’t fill the gap of the pregnancies that ended earlier than hoped. I am so sorry that have experienced a “storm”. I am always here to listen and send you positive thoughts.

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