The Appealing Rabbit Alphabet Cards Review and Giveaway

This week, Toby and I have been testing out ‘The Appealing Rabbit’ handwriting cards and alphabet game. Now, don’t get me wrong, I know Toby is not really of the age where he could sit down and understand what it all means, or even follow a formation with a pen keeping within the lines, but I believe that you’re never too young to start! They are aimed at pre-school children and those who are already in the classroom, but anything educational that you can do at home without kids realising is always a bonus.

When we first opened the ‘deck’ I was pleasantly surprised with the designs. They’re colourful, creative and engaging and I can see why any pre-schooler, or school starter would want to actually sit down and do them. Each card is made of a plastic, wipe clean material (think whiteboard style) and each deck allows for the English, Danish and Norwegian alphabet – which is quite frankly incredible! The deck even comes with a pen, ready for you to use.

the appealing rabbit alphabet cards game norwegian dutch english review

The game came about when a dad realised his son was having difficulty in forming his letters just before starting school, but also lacked the motivation to try. He decided to make it into a game, because what kid doesn’t love a game, right? He started with the letter ‘S’, but drew it like a race track and asked his son to follow the line of the track, and voila! The son got a point if he got to the finish line, and if he didn’t, his dad won the point.

I think it’s great that you can add an element of competition to the game, though we wouldn’t do this with Toby yet. Kids hate being losers at most things, so at least you know they’re more likely to take it seriously, especially if formation, or even holding a pen, is something they’re struggling with. By turning it into a game and with the illustrations being so eye catching, I would also expect it to draw in any reluctant or disinterested child to at least have a go without them realising it’s an educational experience.

the appealing rabbit alphabet cards game norwegian dutch english review

Other uses could include putting the alphabet in order, saying the letters out loud, name something beginning with a random letter chosen from the deck and even lower and upper case pronunciation. They’re fantastic to transport around, obviously decks of cards are very compact anyway and even better, they’re only £9.90 – which for the use you’re going to get out of them is great. They’re super durable and aren’t going to wear quickly, plus you can’t really put a price on your kids learning something can you?

I’ve also been given the opportunity for TWO lucky people to win a deck of these cards so please get your entries in on the Rafflecopter widget below if you fancy winning some!

Jade x

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*We were sent these cards to review and to offer honest views and opinions, all of which are my own.


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  1. July 15, 2015 / 10:49 pm

    Ah these are gorg, I need to get me some…the designs are lovely even just to frame and put up in baby’s room before they can even read/spell etc

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