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Well, since we’ve had the garden done it seems like a good time to be getting outdoors just outside the comfort of our own home. I think it’s nice to sit and play with the boys but sometimes it’s better to let them explore on their own. Feel the grass under their feet, the sun on their face and possibly a splinter from our decking. I’ve recently been looking at summer garden toys as I want them to have lots of different things to play with.

These are my top summer garden toys that you can buy for £20 or less, you might even be able to afford two for less than £20, but either way I think it’s good that the boys have options of what they’d like to play with.

I don’t really want them to be solitary toys where they don’t play with each other, or can’t have someone join in with them as, while I think that is important, it’s equally important for them to learn to share and play together. Two imaginations are better than one after all.

One thing I think would be great for the garden is the soft foam recreational mats. You can get all sorts of these whether they’re big, small, with the alphabet on, numbers or hopscotch and you can find them in lots of different quantities too. I really like the look of these ones from Amazon. They’re less than £10 and can be laid on top of the patio, or on top of the grass to create a platform for the children to play on. Equally they can be used for lots of number games, alphabet games or colour matching. Better than a splinter from the decking, they’d also make a good alternative picnic blanket.

summer garden toys under £20 recreational soft play mat mats outdoors alphabet numbers colours

To try and a get a bit of teamwork and sharing going on this ‘Crocodile Rocker’ would be a great summer garden toy. Something they can both get on, and both Toby and Ted love these at soft play. These types of toy are usually pretty hard wearing and sturdy and tend to last years, so they’re definitely worth the investment – and this one is currently only £15 from Early Learning Centre. Snap it up!

summer garden toys under £20 crocodile rockers outdoors green rocker share play garden

Even though I hardly have time for it, hence the garden overhaul, I do love getting outside and planting flowers and vegetables. What better way to get Toby and Ted involved, than helping me do it with their own tools. Ted’s still a bit too young but Toby’s been helping me out by planting some flowers. I love this set because it gets them involved with what you’re doing, and I think if they know what they’re planting when it’s veg, they might be more inclined to try it when it’s on their plate.

I love these ones from the Natural History Museum shop which are only £18. They’re robust since they’re proper metal, rather than the plastic ones that the kids end up breaking. They have a wooden handle and I really liked the alternative packaging too. Toby loved using the trowel because he could pick up more mud with that one, so I was left with the fork. The handles, even though they’re designed for smaller hands, were pretty easy for me to grab. There’s nothing I love more than trying to get the boys outside and learning about nature. It’s probably time to dig up some worms…

natural history museum fork and trowel set kids garden tools summer garden toys under £20 natural history museum review

natural history museum fork and trowel set kids garden tools summer garden toys under £20 natural history museum review

Number four is bubbles. What child doesn’t love bubbles? Toby and Teddy both love bubbles indoors and outdoors. Last year for Toby’s birthday we bought him the Gazillion Bubbles Tornado machine. It may look small but it’s pretty mighty and really does give out loads of bubbles. Perfect to keep them occupied for a little while, but not great if it’s really windy outside, but the kids will love chasing the bubbles round the garden. This one is currently in Asda for £14.

gazillion bubbles tornado machine summer garden toys outdoors indoors occupy the children

And no garden would be Summer ready without a sand and water table. Perfect for getting out in the summer sun, although Toby seems to think the idea is to mix the sand and water together! I think we’ll stick with either sand or water for the time being. This was from the Early Learning Centre is only £20 in Debenhams at the moment. I love a little bargain!

sand and water table early learning centre debenhams summer garden toys under £20

What about you? Do you have any summer garden toys under £20 that you simply could not be without?

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  1. May 24, 2016 / 9:35 pm

    We’ve got the bubble machine. It is amazing. I also got g a wheelbarrow from home bargains for£6.99 I love them playing outside I think it makes them sleep better :) great ideas

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