Top Five | Reasons Why You Should Take Out Gadget Insurance

As a millennial I think I could probably say I’m addicted to the digital world. I don’t think that’s necessarily out of choice but this (my) generation of human beings rely so heavily on digital communication, that even if I did give up my mobile phone, laptop and all that jazz I would probably have little to zero contact with the outside world – purely because their reliance on it is mutual.

I have grown into a world of emails, WhatsApp, Facebook and of course blogging – all of which are technology based and all are available on portable devices; ‘gadgets’ if you will. My laptop, mobile phone, Kindle and camera are often an extension of my arm as I’m usually behind one of them. They have become an essential part of my every day life both in a recreational and professional sense.

Despite gadgets being so common they’re still so very expensive, with the majority of them on contracts. With a relatively small amount leaving the bank account each month I don’t think we fully appreciate how much they can, and do, cost to replace… until they get broken.

Now, not just as a millennial, but also as a mother, I am no stranger to things being or getting broken. I try to be particularly careful about the gadgets that I do own; they all have protective cases, they’re stored safely at night and I try not to let the boys get hold of any they shouldn’t have but there’s always a chance that something might happen to one of my devices – and it may not even be down to the children!

If something did happen I know I’d be totally lost while I had to sort out getting it fixed or replaced and that’s where decent gadget insurance comes in. Gadget insurance was not something I have ever considered seriously, having always assumed that things are covered by my home contents insurance but, as we found out last year, that isn’t always the case. You just can’t assume that it’s covered, you have to check. It can even be worth taking out dedicated gadget insurance so that not only do you know it’s covered, but so that it can be fixed/replaced quickly. So, in light of that, hereĀ are five good reasons to get separate gadget insurance.

1. Our Devices Are On The Go

And because there’s simply no telling when something might happen. Whether I’m working from a coffee shop, or whether I’m working at the kitchen table with the kids running around these devices are on the go, both inside and outside of the home.

top five reasons why you should take out gadget insurance working from home accidental damage

We take them on holidays, we take them to our parents’ houses, we take them everywhere which means that there’s always the chance of an accident happening or

2. Dedicated Gadget Insurance

This kind of insurance is totally dedicated to your gadgets. You know exactly what devices are covered, how much for and for what kind of damage. It’s kind of reassuring to know you don’t have to go through your contents insurance as well.

Not only that but often dedicated insurers offer a faster turn around time on repairs or replacements. You may even get a courtesy device until yours is sorted!

3. You Feel Protected

Just having that peace of mind, especially for someone like me who relies so heavily on her devices for work but also had clumsy children, is really settling. To know that I’m covered makes me feel much more at ease when taking things in and out of the house and even when travelling.

top five reasons why you should take out gadget insurance covered while travelling abroad

4. No Premium Increase

These don’t tend to be rolling contracts and don’t really depend on how many previous years you’ve held a policy for and they’re not something you have to have! There don’t tend to be increases on premiums if you claim, like you would if you claimed on your home insurance and you only pay for what you need.

Add that the claim process doesn’t take half as long as it would with a home insurance policy and you’re sure to be on to a winner.

5. Value For Money

These types of policies tend to be much better value for money and offer a better breadth of coverage (accidental damage, loss, theft etc..) than you’re able to obtain on home insurance for example. It’s definitely worth considering getting something separate from your contents insurance, especially if you have lots of gadgets or devices.

top five reasons why you should take out gadget insurance travelling iPad cover

What’s your experience with gadget insurance? Do you have it? Have you had it in the past? I’d love to get your thoughts on this…

*This is a collaborative post. All views and opinions are my own.


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