Top Five | Reasons Why I Hate The School Run

Ok, so we’re four weeks deep into the new school year and I think it’s safe to say I hate the school run so KUDOS to you parents and caregivers who have been doing this stuff for years already. Considering we do as much walking to and from school as we can you’d think that cars wouldn’t be too much of an issue but even after taking the car to the pick up just once, it basically brought out all the rage.

The Parking Situation

There’s never just one parking ‘situation’ outside Toby’s school, there’s about fifty of them.

  • There’s the one person who doesn’t give a shit where they park or how they park. It doesn’t matter if it’s affecting both outgoing and incoming traffic, they can’t be arsed to park a few more meters down the road because it’s more convenient for them to block everyone while they go and collect their child.
  • There’s the people who come at you and just expect you to move out of the way for their car. Never mind that they’ve pulled on to your side of the road to come past, you’re the one who’s expected to find a space to move, even if it’s the pavement where there are loads of school children walking past.

Top Five | Reasons Why I Hate The School Run parking is terrible

  • There’s the one who takes up two, or even three, parking spaces.
  • There are the ones who think it’s OK to rally drive and rev up their engines because they don’t think you’ve knocked enough children over.
  • There are of course the lovely ones with loads of patience and not everybody is a terrible driver and parker.

Basically, I’m not a fan of cars on the school run because everyone loses all their common sense. If people actually just thought ¬†what they were doing for a few seconds it might make their life, and everyone else’s, a bit easier.

The School Playground

I went to a blogging conference last weekend and I said to one of my friends that I felt like I didn’t belong to any one ‘crew/clique/gang/group of women’ and that’s how the playground pick up is for me. Don’t get me wrong, I know a few mums on the school run but it’s those awkward ‘morning’, the rushed ‘are you alright?’s or the weird ‘yoo-hoo’ sound that comes out of my mouth usually.

Top Five | Reasons Why I Hate The School Run the school playground making mum friends

I just don’t particularly feel like I’m ‘there’ yet as a school mum. I still feel alienated by this whole thing. As much as I’m quite confident and outgoing when I get talking and I know someone, I still find it incredibly difficult to go up to people and start a conversation. I don’t want to be the weird mum who approaches people in the playground but equally it’s nice to have a few more mum friends, something I’m pretty short of round here. *Holds pity party for self*.

Anyway, if you’re one of the school mums that reads this, come and say hello! I’m always good for a cup of tea.

The Unpredictable Weather

Ugh. You can guarantee that the sun will shine all hours of the day except when you have to pick your kids up. You can leave the door and start walking but within five minutes it’s come over cloudy and you wish you’d put your coat on or brought your brolly.

Top Five | Reasons Why I Hate The School Run the unpredictable weather when picking kids up

I don’t get why the weather has to be so difficult. The school run is bad enough (see below) let alone without you raining on my parade or blowing me along the pavement. I’m sure the more I do it, the more I’ll learn what I need to be equipped with before I leave the house. Coat, check. Brolly, check. Waterproof trousers, check. Wellies, check. Then it’ll be blazing sunshine.

Feeling Like A Mule

Some days I actually feel like a transport mule. Mondays and Fridays are the worst with the in-between days not being as bad but honestly, how many bags does a kiddo in Reception class need? I’ve got a book bag, his lunch box, his P.E kit and on the way home I’ve got his scooter and helmet.

Top Five | Reasons Why I Hate The School Run feeling like a mule carrying everything out of the classroom

Oh, and then there’s all the wonderful creations we take in and out of school! Honestly, I feel like I should be turning up with a trolley just to get it all there and back again.

Doing The School Run

The school runs are relatively short and easy but it’s the amount of them you have to do. I know it won’t be forever but on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday I’m doing 4 school runs between the two boys. It’s just a huge faff, especially when people ask me what I’m doing with ‘all my free time’. Mostly, I’m spending time with the little one I still have at home and if he’s not there I get about 90 minutes to myself three days a week. Obviously I’m at home eating all the biscuits and drinking all the tea catching up on all the TV.

Are you a school run pro? Tell me all your tips!


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