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Parenthood can be a long, hard slog and without taking some time for ourselves to de-stress I think we’d all go mad eventually. Whether it’s making sure you have a few minutes a day to yourself or whether you take a whole day or week out from the kids, there are so many ways to relax from the stresses of being a parent.

De-stress With Exercise

I think this works for some of us, not all of us, but it’s definitely up there with one of the top stress relievers. If you can escape to the gym for an hour and bash out a workout routine then I salute you. I get to the gym and, half of the time, just wish I’d had a nap in the car because I think a lot of my stress stems from lack of sleep. That said, I never regret a workout and often feel if I’m really stressed I can relieve that by doing heavier weights.

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If you can’t get to the gym there are some great home workouts you can do in a few minutes – and there are ones that even involve the kids which might stop them arguing for a few minutes! If all else fails then get in the garden or go for a nice trail walk. Stress be gone and may the fresh air make your kids nap!

De-stress With Laughter

If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em, right? Some days my kids drive me mad; I’ll have raised my voice, gritted my teeth so hard I thought my bottom jaw might fall off and just walked away but sometimes I need to remember they need my actual presence. So join in with them.

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Tickle them, play games with them, chase them around, get some snapchat filters on if you really must and just have fun for for a good half an hour; this works especially well if you’re stuck inside on a rainy day because it will occupy them and it will occupy your mind away from the all the other stresses. My husband always tells me I don’t laugh enough, so just laugh and enjoy the time with your kids.

De-stress With A Spa Day

If you really feel like you need a decent getaway you genuinely can’t beat a spa day. I absolutely love them and think they’re an absolute essential when it comes to taking some time out. A treatment or two, a hot steam and sauna and a place to relax to read a trashy magazine or that good book you’ve been wanting to get into for ages.

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They’re the perfect escape because you’ll definitely be leaving your kids at home while you and a friend get a few hours to focus on you. Personally, I think if you make it at least an annual occasion you should go all out luxury and treat yourself, somewhere likeĀ Urban Retreats, perhaps?

Grab An Early Night

I know that loads of us will be staying up until all hours of the evening to catch up on this and that around the house but sometimes it’s just too much. Get the kids to bed and don’t follow long after.

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There’s literally nothing like a decent night of sleep, especially if it’s uninterrupted. You’ll wake up feeling like a new parent with a fresh outlook, a less tired than usual mind and you can always do the washing up in the morning!

Positive Mental Attitude

I know, I know.. easier said than done when the children have been at each other’s throat (and yours) for the last week but starting the day with a positive mental attitude can make all the difference. It could mean that you need to shut yourself in the toilet for 5 minutes of every hour to reset your thinking, especially on a particularly bad day but positivity can take you a long way.

I should listen to myself more often because I get stressed so easily and so quickly and often it’s not for any particular reason, other than I just don’t want any difficult behaviour during the day. I’ve heard meditation can be a great help and although I don’t really believe in it all, at least you get a few minutes of quiet, right?

I want to know the ways that you de-stress from everything parenthood! Do you have any foolproof methods to relax, especially when the kids are around?

*This is a collaborative post.


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