Travel | Celebrating 10 Years of BeWILDerwood!

It’s hard to believe that I’ve never visited BeWILDerwood in the ten years that it’s been open. I’d have been 17 at their opening in 2007 so I had probably moved on to big theme parks by then which is probably why our parents never took us.

We were recently invited to celebrate BeWILDerwood’s 10th birthday and, after looking at all the things they had to do and being told by a friend it’s really worth going, we could hardly RSVP with a ‘no thank you’. I just knew from the outset that the boys would love it. It was also Teddy’s second birthday and we thought it’d be nice to get the kids out of the house for a day anyway.

The invitation did say we could dress up if we wanted to but as one of those mums who has never dressed her kids up for anything I chose not to. That’s not us not getting into the spirit of things but as we’d never been before we didn’t really know what it was all about. We sadly missed most of the press event and Tom Blofield’s story telling session (author and creator of BeWILDerwood) because, typically, there had been an accident on the way and then we got stuck behind a tractor (this always happens when we have to be somewhere!).



Anyway, before BeWILDerwood became a park there were the the books. They were created to enable children to explore parts of his childhood and his experiences of the Norfolk Broads (somewhere else I’ve never been despite living in Norfolk!). The BeWILDerwood park is centered around families coming together in a made up land where we can all play together and the kids can explore their imaginations. And now there’s an expansion coming!


On 9th May this year BeWILDerwood were granted permission for a second site to build a second adventure park. £5 million is being invested into encouraging children and their families to enjoy traditional outdoor play and the children of South Cheshire and the surrounding areas are the lucky ones.


One thing I loved learning about BeWILDerwood is that, as far as possible, everything is environmentally sustainable and the attractions are just so good for encouraging the kids to get their imaginative juices flowing. Toby and Teddy absolutely loved their first visit to BeWILDerwood. Toby, for once, actually got into some of the characters and pointed out that he could see their houses in the woods. They both loved the playgrounds and we didn’t even manage to get round the whole park because they were having so much fun in the two bits of the park we did visit. Teddy was at just the right age to be able to do all the physical things he wanted to which was lovely.


The thing the boys loved best was the boat ride. It’s a very short ride but it’s so pretty and the stories of some of the characters along the way are so creative and such good fun. I think their faces say it all! We’ll be going back to BeWILDerwood very soon and we can’t wait to explore more!

*We were invited to BeWILDerwood’s press event and were granted entry to the park in return for attending. All views and opinions are my own.


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