What We Ate | The Meal Diaries 2/52

Woohoo, I’ve actually made it to the second instalment of ‘What We Ate | The Meal Diaries’ and hopefully this one is a lot more colourful than last week’s one! I say that because I haven’t been as poorly or distracted and I have found some time to at least take some pictures of the dishes I’ve managed to whip up this week.

I have been planning ahead, more or less, what we intend to eat for the week but it’s not set in stone because we could end up out exactly like we did in the first week (hello Nandos!) but it helps because I can basically use it as a general guide and know what I’ll be using up out of the fridge. Not only will this help curb our food waste (hopefully!) it might mean I actually, eventually get round to batch cooking and using up some of the stuff in our freezer. So what did this week hold in store?

Monday – Italian Sausage & Ham Tortelloni with Tomato and Mascarpone Sauce

This featured last week and originally we were meant to have jambalaya today but for some reason, or other, Jamie wanted to have this again even though I’d already gotten the chicken out of the freezer for jambalaya which was a *bit* annoying! Nevermind!

Tuesday – Chicken & Chorizo Jambalaya

I first ever tried this dish in Flaine in 2013 when I first ever went skiing, and it was one of the meals Jamie’s dad had cooked ahead to take with us. This recipe can be found on the BBC Good Food website and it’s one of my all time favourites because I literally could eat this pretty much every day! I tend to use a bit more Cajun spice than the recipe suggests as I usually get a bit carried away tipping it in, and I like my food a little spicier, although it can be as mild as you like really. It’s a big one pot meal and I tend to throw everything in together, and add the chicken more or less last minute, and let it simmer rather than follow the recipe.

Wednesday – Turkey Pittas

This is a ‘Lean in 15′ recipe from Joe Wicks’ and literally takes minutes to cook. The prep is minimal and these are filling but light. I ate these before playing netball and they don’t sit half as heavy in your stomach as some of the other stuff I’ve had before playing sport. Highly recommend these for something quick, easy and a bit different. Oh and I squirt loads of salad cream over mine which is heavenly!

turkey pittas lean in 15 what we ate meal planning diaries inspiration carrots turkey mince chickpeas paprika cumin in pittas with salad cream raising the rings

Thursday – One Pot Chicken Casserole

Jamie’s recent little find is this gem of a one pot chicken casserole. We substituted a few things based on what we had in the cupboard as this was a slightly unexpected dish this week. I had originally planned to have prawn curry today but forgot to get the prawns out, and we had already got some fresh chicken in the fridge so it made sense to use that up! This one pot chicken casserole doesn’t take much stewing at all for it to thicken up and is a great winter warmer!

Friday – Beef Stroganoff

Ooh yummy, one of my favourites! This is a Lean in 15 recipe, more or less, but I always add my beef strips in last, once everything else has gone in just because I prefer my beed medium/rare, rather than fully cooked. It’s just so much more tender that way. I always cook the mushrooms off first too because I find if you add them in too late they lose a lot of their water and the dish becomes too runny! I tend to serve it with some green vegetables; broccoli is a good one because the florets soak up the sauce.

Saturday – Chicken Supreme

Taking inspiration from my Kalettes kitchen experience at the end of last year, I decided to whip up some chicken supremes. I fancied a bit (a lot) of cheese in my life and we had the Gruyere in the fridge as well as the peppers in a jar. And since it was Saturday and I had a bit of time I decided to make these just for Jamie and I as Toby and Teddy probably wouldn’t touch them to be fair. Normally I’d serve them up with the little salad recipe I also got from the Kalettes event but instead served it with new potatoes and broccoli as they needed using up, and I needed some more greens in my life!

chicken supreme stuffed with peppers and gruyere cheese what we ate meal planning diaries inspiration chicken new potatoes broccoli raising the rings

Sunday – Beef and Vegetable Slow Cooker Casserole

I always try and follow a slow cooker beef casserole recipe to the detail but today I decided I’d just shove it all in and hope for the best. Carrots, leeks, parsnips, some lovely braising steak from the butcher, some red wine and some stock and herbs later and I’m hoping to serve this up with some celeriac mash or chips (if it’s still ok!). Otherwise, the last of the new potatoes will come into play. I might just par boil them and finish them off in the oven like little mini roasties, just because it’s Sunday and I love roast potatoes. Who doesn’t?

beef casserole slow cooker what we ate meal planning diaries inspiration carrots parsnips leeks braising steak red wine beef stock oregano bay leaf raising the rings

What have you guys been making this week? I’m getting to the point of needing inspiration now so I shall spend this evening planning some of our meals for next week and finding that one new recipe I’ll be trying this month! Hopefully next week will be a little bit different. Happy eating!

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  1. January 17, 2017 / 9:32 am

    Oh your food looks so good! YUM! I need my kitchen to be done so I can dig out the slow cooker again! x

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