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If you’re interested in working with me and feel you may have something to offer my readers then I’d love to hear from you! There is nothing better than collaborating with new people, companies and brands on the blog and showcasing you to my readers.

Here are just some of the ways in which we can work together

  • Product features and reviews
  • Social media posts and promotion across most platforms
  • Placement for advertisements (pricing and plans are available upon request)
  • Competitions and/or giveaways (top tip: these work incredibly well alongside reviews!)
  • Brand ambassador
  • Video collaborations
  • Guest posting
  • Sponsored posts
  • Writing commissions

I’ve been very privileged to work with some top name brands and these are just a few of them:

raising the rings who i've worked with contact me brands companies people new bloggers to work with

I’ve also been fortunate enough to work as a brand ambassador for some really lovely brands such as Cosatto, Emma’s Diary, Snuggle Up and Child’s Farm.

I’m currently ranked within the top 250 of the Tots 100 chart and have peaked at #139.

To get in touch, the best way to contact me is by email – or you can fill out the contact form below. I’d love to hear from you, and I’m really friendly so drop me a line and let’s get to it!


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