Baby Number Three | First Trimester

Holy effin’ balls! I can not even begin to tell you how excited I am now that we can talk about the fact that I am pregnant with baby number three. It feels like years since I’ve been pregnant, yet it seems like just yesterday all at the same time. I had Toby and Teddy 20 months apart so I’ve not gone this long between pregnancies before and while it’s familiar, it’s all so new and exciting again, even though I am absolutely terrified of being responsible for a third small human.

I am incredibly grateful that we’re pregnant again but I have to say that this will be the last one! I’ve always said I’d love three kids and so this will round our family off nicely. It took us a while to come to a decision about having a third. Firstly, we weren’t sure if we wanted any more after the boys as they were such hard work but equally I just didn’t feel done. Then Jamie categorically said he didn’t want anymore even though I did. Then I wasn’t sure and Jamie wanted another one.

We’ve been talking about it a lot and I think if we didn’t go for a third we’d have always been saying ‘what if?’ or ‘should we have?’ and I think when those kind of questions come up you already know the answer deep down.

So here we are in the first trimester. It’s not all rainbows and butterflies, it’s a pretty crap time to be honest. I suffered with morning sickness during both of my previous pregnancies so while I’m really hoping it will spare me this time, it’s unlikely.

I’ve been updating this post weekly just so I remember exactly the kinds of things that were happening because God knows I’ll forget!

Feeling Like I’m Pregnant?
Thursday 18th January

I’ve taken a pregnancy test just because my boobs are so sore and this is really unusual for me. I’m due on my period next week and don’t usually get any symptoms other than a little bit of leg cramp. I think I can see the faintest of faint lines but I’m not really sure. It looks negative to me.

I’ve sent a picture over to one of my friends because I just need a second opinion. I messaged her two days ago to say that my boobs were sore and that I was so freezing cold (more than usual). I know that another of our friends had been experiencing similar early signs of pregnancy but really thought I was just reading too much into it. Plus it’s been much colder outside than normal anyway.

the brookfield lining raising the rings pregnancy test not sure if negative or positive how can I tell

I passed it off as negative thinking that I was either imagining there was some kind of line or that it was a shadow. I even told Jamie it was a negative test.

The sore boobs continued and so I felt for lumps to see if it was going to turn out like my first pregnancy but they were just more tender than anything.

Getting A Faint Positive | 21/01/18

Jamie had been urging me to do another test but I was so convinced I wasn’t pregnant that I just felt like I should probably wait until I had missed a period to confirm it.

I don’t know what it is but just before I’ve had both of my pregnancies confirmed the universe sends me signs. I had been seeing a lot more pregnancy test adverts on the TV. I had maternity wear sponsored ads turning up on my Facebook timeline and then Channel Mum had put a post up saying that it was the most popular week to find our you’re pregnant.

I managed for a couple of days to stay away from the box of tests that were up in our bathroom but on Sunday evening I thought I would get it out of the way! I had been having the usual pre-period aches and pains so I left the test on the windowsill and forgot about it until the boys were in the shower.

I went back to check and there it was. A faint line, but a line nonetheless.

the brookfield lining raising the rings pregnancy test not sure if negative or positive how can I tell

It’s Definitely Positive | 22/01/18

Just because it hadn’t really sunk in yet I thought I’d do another test just to make sure that my eyes weren’t deceiving me. The line was a much stronger positive, even after just a day! So… we are definitely pregnant. Eek!

We were only having a laugh about awful baby names two nights ago and now we are actually going to have to go through all of the naming game again.

the brookfield lining raising the rings pregnancy test not sure if negative or positive how can I tell clear positive test

Four Weeks Pregnant | 24/01/18

  • I still have the most tender boobs, especially round the sides!
  • Period like aches and pains. It’s been quite mild but I have had the odd pang.
  • I need to pee. A lot.
  • Chapped lips? I haven’t had chapped lips in so, so long but now I feel like I can’t go anywhere without some lip balm.
  • I’m a bit more tired than usual.
  • Still so cold – why though?!
  • Very occasional nausea/hunger – it’s that sicky feeling but mostly because you’re hungry more than anything else.
  • Breathlessness. I just feel like I’m taking much deeper breaths more often to fill my lungs up!

Aside from that it’s been pretty plain sailing so far! I’ve already made a booking appointment with the midwife just so I can guarantee a decent appointment time around everything else. Annoyingly I placed an order for some nice Spring/Summer clothes a couple of weeks ago – all of which will now be going back and replaced with something a bit bigger!

Five Weeks Pregnant | 31/01/18

  • Those pulling pains! Not quite round ligament pain but the kind when it feels a bit stabby if I move too quickly.
  • Hot sweats at night time. I’ve actually been having these for a few weeks thinking back though.
  • Still freezing cold most of the time.
  • My boobs are already feeling fuller than usual.
  • A lot more tired this week.

I haven’t really been ‘on it’ with this pregnancy. We weren’t exactly trying, but we weren’t exactly preventing so I’ve not been taking any pre-pregnancy supplements for anything. I made sure I picked some up this week to ensure I’m getting the recommended amounts of folic acid and vitamin D.

Six Weeks Pregnant | 07/02/18

  • T-I-R-E-D. It’s really kicked in this week. I am shattered! Got an early night in though so I’m feeling a little more refreshed but that probably won’t stop me feeling like I need a nap.
  • I’m still getting those stabby pains if I stretch out my abdomen too quickly or if I get up too fast.
  • One of my ‘naice’ bras is already too small.
  • I’ve had a couple of days where the nausea has really kicked in.
  • My sense of smell is slightly heightened. Usually I’m pretty cool with gross smells, but the bin keeps making me gag!

Seven Weeks Pregnant | 14/02/2018

  • Nausea.
  • Complete and utter exhaustion.
  • Generally feeling grotty.

Well, happy Valentine’s day! I’m seven weeks pregnant and currently in the mountains on our skiing holiday. I’ve been a bit on and off with food so I’m not sure if this is the start of morning sickness or whether the altitude is getting to me a little. I am so incredibly tired and I just want to nap all the time. I keep having to take myself off for a lie down because I physically can’t keep my eyes open.

I’ve also been really desperate to have a bath so I treated myself to one and regretted it almost immediately. It made me feel even worse than I already felt.

Eight Weeks Pregnant | 21/02/2018

  • Dizziness.
  • Light headedness.
  • Nausea.
  • Stabby pains

I think if I could live in bed right now, I would. It’s hard to get up and get going and any time I do stand up I am so dizzy and have to sit on the floor quickly because it feels like I’m about to pass out.

Nine Weeks Pregnant | 28/02/2018

  • Early cravings!
  • I’m still tired.
  • And really dizzy.

I finally had a midwife appointment after having a bit of a nightmare with my first appointment getting cancelled after I’d already been waiting for it for half an hour. She came to my house and we spoke about everything from previous pregnancies to birth preferences and all the boring and exciting stuff in-between. I haven’t been feeling so bad this week, actually.

My relationship with food isn’t particularly great. I flit between feeling sick and feeling hungry quite quickly although if I think about something, I have to have it and I’ll think about it for days if I don’t eat it. That being said, once I’ve had it, I go off it just as quickly as I fancied it. I think I may have something more consistent craving wise in that I love anything with a kind of acidy/strong taste; I am currently loving salad cream, vinegar and mint sauce – not all together! Cuppas aren’t really my thing at the minute either – I’m only having two a day (max!) and they have to be really sugary.

I never really had cravings when I was pregnant with the boys so this is a little surprise and I’ve not yet had any real morning sickness. That could change so if my occasional nausea is as bad as it gets, then I’ll be really grateful!

baby number three first trimester third baby due october 2018

Ten Weeks Pregnant | 07/03/2018

  • Breathlessness. Even though this baby is only apparently the size of a green olive, I am so out of puff! I’ve been feeling like I’m really struggling to fill my lungs. I played netball for the first time in three weeks last night and it definitely showed!
  • My relationship with food is very on and off at the moment. I’m trying to eat when I’m hungry and before I start feeling sick. My meals are smaller but more frequent, although sometimes I don’t catch the nausea before it sets in and then I don’t eat for ages. I’m really having to eat what I fancy as well. The ‘craving’ for strong flavours (as above) is still there, though I don’t think about/need them all the time, and I think I’ve got some food aversions although I’m trying to ignore them for now.
  • I’m still really tired and it doesn’t matter how early I go to bed, I’m still exhausted in the morning. It probably doesn’t help that Teddy will still wake up in the night and be up at the crack of dawn.

I have had a little bit of a bump and bloat but I think I’m mostly starting to show now. I am definitely in that kind of “are you pregnant or are you just a bit chubby” phase and my clothes are definitely getting tighter. There’s no chance of me doing up my favourite pair of black jeans and I’m not sure if that’s the baby or the bloat.

Eleven Weeks Pregnant | 14/03/2018

  • Big ole jugs. Seriously, I’ve outgrown two bras and my boobs feel so full and heavy already.
  • The tiredness is relentless.

There’s not really much other to report this week to be honest. I was sick once this week. On Thursday I was cold to the bone from the minute I woke up and by the end of the day I was just so cold and so tired. I don’t remember feeling this tired when I was pregnant with the boys but if I was it was probably overshadowed by the fact that I was constantly being sick, and this time I’m not. Anyway, I was running a bath before Jamie even walked in the door and as soon as he did I was upstairs and submerged. I really needed just half an hour to be still, shut my eyes a bit and just chill.

Twelve Weeks Pregnant | 21/03/2018

Quite honestly there haven’t been any more symptoms other than the ones I’ve been experiencing throughout the whole trimester. Tiredness, sore boobs and nausea are still very much present but I’m hoping that the nausea and tiredness will at least ease off for a bit – sore boobs I can deal with, unless I have a child digging his seriously bony elbow into one of them!

It feels like these has been the slowest few weeks so far, yet at the same time it seems to have gone so quickly. I feel like I’ve been overthinking a lot of things this pregnancy as well. I was only discussing with some of my fellow pregnant bloggers the other day how you feel like there can be so many more things that can go wrong, but that we only feel like that because, as bloggers, we’re exposed to so many different sides of pregnancy and birth and the potential outcomes. I’m worried about a lot more things than I ever thought possible and it can be a scary place.



  1. April 4, 2018 / 4:29 pm

    Congratulations to you both! How exciting – a third! I love the way you’re documenting your pregnancy this time around. Take care of yourself xx

  2. March 21, 2018 / 12:29 pm

    I love that you’ve been documenting! What a wonderful idea. I was convinced I was pregnant with my youngest for a few weeks but tests kept coming up negative for ages. I’m so excited to follow your pregnancy journey! Congratulations to you all. The boys are going to make the best big brothers!

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