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We’re just shy of a week into the New Year and the January blues have probably already hit you; I know they have me. January always seems to be the slowest month of the year, every year. Maybe it’s because nothing really happens for me in January. People go back to work, the excitement and hype of Christmas and family time has gone and the New Year bells have chimed, it’s just a bit flat. Maybe that’s why all the winter bugs start coming out again.

For around 10 weeks at the end of last year, the boys and Jamie and I were all stuck in this cycle of being poorly. It started two weeks before the wedding and just kind of carried on until each of us had suffered some kind of illness. But, it appears to still be doing the rounds this month too with a few people I know still suffering with some horrible winter bugs or some kind of cold, cough or flu. It’s just a bit rubbish! Luckily, we did have a couple of weeks off the bug and (touch wood!) haven’t been too poorly since although we think Teddy is now teething his back molars.

tackling the winter bugs with raising the rings prevention rather than cure voucherbox ocado cold remedies flu chicken soup

This month it’s going to be about prevention, rather than cure. But what happens if you get a cold? I know I’m fully expecting to get one (tis the season!) and I always go for the same old remedies which never work. So when it inevitably gets round to me I am going to kick it to the curb with some of the ultimate flu remedies!

Chicken soup is probably my ultimate ‘go to’ when any of us have winter bugs, as well as the standard Lemsip drinks and Soothers to help with the throat but you can only have so many within 24 hours and they soon wear off! So the alternatives that Voucherbox have suggested are a little more herbal and they’re good if you’re on a budget too!

tackling the winter bugs cold flu remedies with voucherbox and ocado black tea cold wearing gloves ginger tea herbal

Everything from ginger tea to vegetable juice and Echinacea are all included in this super little round up! The steam bath sounds right up my street too. Check out these remedies for winter bugs and let me know if any of them have worked for you. Or maybe there’s something else you absolutely swear by to get rid of a cold or the flu? Here’s to not (hopefully) not catching a cold and let’s find something in January to shout about, other than how cold it is! Brr…

*This is a collaborative post.


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  1. January 4, 2017 / 9:29 pm

    We tend to stick to plenty of water, oranges and chocolate whilst snuggled under a duvet watching films! Paracetamol and rest are the way forward x

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