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*This post is in collaboration with Contact Numbers UK.

It’s about to start getting sporty in our household. The boys are growing up and are, of course, into anything physical and I know it won’t be long before they’re stuck in front of the TV shouting at their rugby and football teams, hollering about the tennis (my favourite) and being glued to Ski Sunday amongst everything else they’re into.

Watching sports is a big thing in our house; my husband has friends round to watch certain matches, at the moment he’ll have the cricket on during the day. Sometimes it’s much to my dismay but I’m finding that I’m really enjoying watching sport a lot more than I used to and I’m learning that they’re big events; you’d even be mistaken for thinking it was sometimes a life and death situation. Sport never used to be a ‘thing’ in our house when I was growing up; my dad isn’t into football, rugby or anything like that – give him weight lifting any day (you should’ve seen his VHS Arnie collection, seriously!) but I kind of feel like it is definitely a ‘thing’ in my own house.

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I’ve learned more sporting rules over the last five years from my husband than I ever did growing up or while I was in school and I love knowing what’s going on and be able to talk about it (not in a professional capacity though!). It’s inevitable that our boys are going to have this thirst for sports; they’ve already put me in my place about who gets to watch what on telly and when, so I’ve lost that battle already. If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em, right?

Join ’em I will! I love being the hostess with the mostest and it’s very lucky that Contact Numbers UK have come up with a #SportsNightIn campaign just so I can get my hostess on. Ok, not really, they didn’t do it just for me! This is here to highlight that Contact Numbers UK has the largest directory of customer service contact numbers (Hello? Is that my local pizza place? I’d like to order 50 pizzas please, all with a side of wedges and garlic bread, PRONTO!) while highlighting the Sky contact number, which is just as well because the only thing we watch in this house is Sky and specifically Sky Sports (shocker!). God forbid we actually need to call them because Sports wasn’t working though because we wouldn’t use anyone else – the coverage of almost every sport going from Summer, right through to Winter is second to none really.

When the ‘men’ are here doing the ‘manly’ thing and watching their sports I’m quite happy to join in where I can, although I won’t care too much if I miss a goal or anything (unless it’s netball) so I like to get the food and drinks in. Our #SportsNightIn is probably a little different from most because the ‘men’ who come round here like the gym, they watch their macros and they weigh their food.  Yes, that’s right people they’re tracking their shizzle so I have to be on top form when it comes to providing the goods. It doesn’t stop them having a fabulous curry, chilli or spread by the way!

Trust me when I say we don’t scrimp on the desserts either. The kids are quite happy with whatever I put in front of them, as am I, but it’s about catering to the needs of the serious sports fanatics here! If you’re going to do it, you need to do it right!

I’ll be holding a #SportsNightIn soon – do you fancy coming along? I’ll be bringing you a post with all the happenings of a good one.

*This post is in collaboration with Contact Numbers UK.

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