Making Our House A Home | Our House Is Going On The Market

I don’t know whether to be excited or sad but our house is going on the market next week! I feel like so much has happened in this house; it’s the first one¬†we bought together, the one that both of my children call home and the one where we first ever lived as husband and wife. It’s sad to think that any more memories made here will be limited but it’s also incredibly exciting that we will get to move house.

We are very lucky to currently live in a four bedroom detached house (yay for Norfolk house prices) but we just feel like we’ve outgrown the space, particularly downstairs. The bedrooms are more than sufficient but our downstairs is limited to either the living room or the kitchen/diner and it sometimes feels like we can get on top of each other and as the boys get older and bigger the space only appears to feel smaller.

Our original plan was to find a plot that we could build our dream home on but living in Norfolk most of it is either privately owned, council owned or farm land. So since the beginning of the year we have been looking for houses, although Jamie started to look before Christmas and you’d think that with a relatively healthy budget you could get something absolutely perfect, but it turns out you can’t. We’ve been to view a good handful of houses now and only one, maybe two, have caught my eye out of all of them. There’s always something; the kitchen is smaller than the one we have now, the garden isn’t big enough, the whole thing needs knocking down but the plot wouldn’t be right.

our house is on the market selling our home exciting sad looking for somewhere new norfolk building

Plan B was to find a house that we could just knock down so we had the plot to build on but we’ve not been able to find anything like that either – it’s never easy! I think because I’d really like our next house to be the home we stay in for twenty or thirty so years and I just feel like instead of rushing into something we should take our time and that’s what we’ve been doing. We’ve gone into every house with an open mind – not taking decor into account, being practical about potentially extending in places or maybe knocking walls down to open rooms up but nothing has come up, apart from one house.

We are now on our third viewing of this house; we viewed it first, secondly with our builder to see if a wall could come down and thirdly with Jamie’s parents. Everything about the house is perfect except for the kitchen which, for us, is probably a deal breaker. We’d love the kitchen to be where we spend most of our time – for it to effectively be the ‘hub’ of the home, a place we can come together and a place where we can entertain friends and family.

It’s all very exciting but all still in the very early stages and, if we can’t do what we’d like to with the wall in this house, then we go back to square one and hope something else comes up!

Are any of you moving house at the moment? Or are you considering moving house in the future? There’s something about it that’s so exciting but it’s one of those things you don’t quite believe is happening until it’s really happened. We went out for a wander round the shops yesterday and just kept ‘house shopping’ for bits we’d like to replace but we reigned it in. I’ll keep you updated!


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