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Teddy is becoming so independent when it comes to his food and eating is probably one of his favourite things to do. I’m entering unchartered territory with Ted at the moment because he’s *touch wood* really an incredible eater as there isn’t much he won’t at least try. Toby on the other hand has a very limited menu at the moment so you can imagine which is the easier child to feed!

Anyway.. OXO Tot were kind enough to send Teddy a few of their products to try out and he’s been making a good go of them. Basically, Teddy has been getting out of his high chair even when the straps are done up and he’s often on the corner of the table in his highchair so we decided that, actually, he might like it better in a booster seat.

OXO Tot Perch Booster Seat

OXO Tot do their fair range of seating and Teddy has been using the ‘Perch Booster Seat’. I really love it in the taupe colour, although it does also come in green and grey. I was initially really excited to get Ted at the table and this looked like just the thing we were after. It’s really easy to set up and the strap adjustment system is all really straight forward to use, especially as most of the mechanics are hidden under the actual seat. However, I was really quite disappointed with the ‘boost’ on this; it just isn’t enough of a boost to get Teddy at the right height for the table and the height isn’t adjustable either. I think it’s a good idea to point out that we tried this on a couple of sets of table and chairs and we had the same result; I had initially thought our chairs might be quite low compared to others but this wasn’t really the case.

oxotot oxo tot feeding products perch booster seat in taupe green grey transportable light compact easy to set up

Our solution was to move Teddy on to Toby’s seat which was quite generous in the boosting department and move Toby down to Teddy’s one. It wasn’t hard as Toby was very excited to sit on a new seat and now we are all able to sit at the table and have a family meal which is really, really lovely.

The booster chair is really sturdy with a back support and due to the pretty good strap adjustment system it fits snugly to our chairs, both underneath and around the back. The buckle is a three point harness system which is pretty standard on booster seats and Toby loves strapping himself in and getting stuck.

oxotot oxo tot feeding products perch booster seat in taupe green grey transportable light compact easy to set up

This OXO Tot booster seat is a great option for something lightweight and easy to transport and it currently retails at £40. It folds with the push of a button and the straps are totally removable for when they’re no longer required. It’s recommended for kids 15 months+ and up to age 3+, up to 33lbs. The cushion does lift out and is easy to clean, but there are some fairly oddly shaped nooks and crannies that food gets into so if the tots have lost anything down there then it’s best to clean it asap.

I really like this, it’s a really well thought out product but the only gripe I have is that it doesn’t give enough boost! Other than that, it’s tip top.

OXO Tot Fork + Spoon Set

With his independence growing Teddy is now using his cutlery a lot better. However, one thing I have noticed is that when he goes to put something in his mouth it all tends to fall off the back off his fork or spoon. This curved fork and spoon set makes it really easy for Ted to eat without losing half of his food between the plate and his mouth. The handles have flat spots which stops them from rolling off surfaces and the grips are super soft too.

oxotot oxo tot feeding products curved fork and spoon cutlery utensils independence when eating

These are curved to help keep them from sliding right down into bowls or plates and we all know how frustrating that is with something like spaghetti hoops or sauce – ‘dip dip’ as I like to call it. The actual pieces that go in Ted’s mouth are stainless steel but they’re dishwasher safe and Ted is really getting to grips with these now. They retail for £7 and are a great transition between using their fingers and teaching them to use cutlery. They’re not too big either which is fab!

OXO Tot Twist Top Water Bottle

This twist top water bottle is the perfect kind of cup for older toddlers. When you turn the twist top it reveals and extends a straw, which should be retracted to prevent spills. If the straw is left exposed and the children want to empty the cup, they will. It is not non-spill and so this cup is much more suited to Toby over Teddy, who is still very much exploring how much mess he can make.

oxotot oxo tot feeding products drinking twist top cup for toddlers

The straw is really flexible, easy to keep clean and the water bottle doesn’t otherwise leak. It has a carry loop, which is brilliant because it makes it really easy to carry, and I have one on my own big water bottle which Toby thinks is great. He is really enjoying drinking through straws at the moment which is just as well because he’s super clumsy and always ends up knocking his open cup everywhere nearly every meal time.

It holds approximately 340ml and it’s dishwasher safe! Hallelujah.

OXO Tot Sippy Cup

Teddy adores his new ‘big boy cup’ which is the OXO Tot Sippy Cup. He’s not had bottles for a while now but this is a superb transitional product. The grips are non slip and the lid has a dimple in it which makes room for Ted’s nose; we all know how they tip them right up and into their face!

Screen Shot 2017-01-18 at 19.15.05

One thing I really like is that it has the ml increments on the side of the bottle so you can see how much they’ve had. It’s also got a leakproof valve which releases pressure for comfortable sipping. This, again, I wouldn’t say is necessarily leak proof; Ted has a good go at turning it upside down and shaking the water out which does happen a couple of times.

I really love this range and think it’s been really well put together. There are, of course, improvements that I would make to fit me, but otherwise I can’t find much wrong with any of these products. Teddy and Toby have both taken to them very well and they’re all really durable and well made. The perfect range to get your little one off to an independent start!

OXO Tot have very kindly teamed up with me to offer one of my readers one of their super duper roll up bibs!

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*I was sent these products in return for a review. All views and opinions are my own.


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