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Teddy has recently become quite averse to bibs. He used to wear them through a whole meal without batting an eyelid and now some days I’ll find he’s reluctant to even wear one, or pulls it off half way through his meal which is never good when he’s shovelling in a bowl of Weetabix (that stuff could replace cement!).

Messy Me Tunic Bib

I’ve been looking for an alternative for a while; one that can’t be pulled off easily, one that doesn’t irritate Ted in all the wrong places and one that is wipe clean and it’s pretty hard to find something with all three of those features. However, Messy Me have a Messy Tunic which covers all grounds.

Not only does this cover a lot more of Ted than your standard bib, which means it’s easier for me to clean him up but it’s also super cool and can be used for so much more. It’s designed with an open back and is sleeveless which allows for more movement. The only thing with the sleeveless design is that Ted still manages to get Weetabix up to his elbows – it’d be nice to see one with sleeves in the future – but it beats clearing him up top to toe!

messy me tunic bib dusty stars blue arts and crafts apron review

The velcro neck fastening is soft, non irritable and is pretty strong. Ted has only tried to pull this off once since we’ve been using it and hasn’t bothered trying any more which can only serve to the fact that it’s comfortable to wear, unlike his other bib which, I guess, pulls at his neck a lot more.

The Messy Me Tunic is designed to fit those aged 1-3 and can be machine washed at 30 degrees which basically means if it’s too much to clear up, or it just needs a bit of a freshen up, you can throw it in the washing machine with your other clothes. I did this to make sure it didn’t affect the material and I can vouch and say it’s all still very much wipeable and hasn’t compromised the quality of the product. We’ve not yet had anything stain the tunic either!

messy me tunic bib dusty stars blue arts and crafts apron review velcro fastening at the back

Not only can the Messy Me Tunic be used for meal times it can also be used for messy play (in conjunction with the Messy Me Splashmat, of course!) and you can even take it on holiday. The durability and the longevity of this tunic is absolutely worth the money. There are cheaper alternatives but I’d be more than happy to spend the money on this one given the quality. These tunics are available in an array of colours and prints.

Messy Me Messy Splashmats

Used hand in hand with the Messy Me tunic bib above, these splashmats are a little gem. Despite us having laminate floors, and them getting swept almost daily, you wouldn’t believe the amount of stuff that gets so stuck on there that we almost have to use a scraper to get things off!

messy me splashmat dusty stars mess saver for under table review

This is probably one of the most versatile things you could have in your house, especially with children. I primarily use it under the chairs that the children are sitting on at the table because it makes it easier for me to collect their crumbs and wipe clean anything that may have spilled on to it. Additionally we’ve used it in the living room as a picnic blanket when the boys ask to eat in there and it totally saves our carpet and the throw that we had been using. It’s also fab for popping down under a tuff spot when you’re doing messy play, out in the garden when the sun is shining or you could even use it as a tablecloth if you’re doing arts and crafts at the table, or need some extra protection at mealtimes.

messy me splashmat dusty stars mess saver for under table review

It folds up into almost an A4 sized piece of paper making it easier to take it out and about, and also for when storing it at home; it actually measures 90x120cm when laid out flat. Like the Messy Me tunic it’s washable and again it’s not affected the quality at all although most of the time you should just be able to shake it outside the door and/or wipe it down.

I’d highly recommend this to anyone who is looking for a functional, good quality and easy to clean messy mat for the kids and their array of needs. With an RRP of £24 it’s slightly pricier than some oilcloths you can get but I love the designs offered, the compact fold and the easy clean as well as the laid out size. Perfect for what we need in every way and no parent should be without one.

*These products were sent to me in return for this review. All views and opinions are my own.


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