What We Ate | The Meal Diaries 3/52

Welcome to our third diary of ‘What We Ate’! It’s been a long old week but we’ve managed to whip up some really nice meals even though it’s been a bit of a blur. This week has been really heavy on the chicken, probably because we’ve had a lot in the freezer to use up! I’ll get straight to it, I guess…

Monday – Chicken With Baked Sweet Potato & Broccoli

This is a super straight forward dish to make because it really does require minimum effort, especially if you’re in for a long day. The sweet potatoes went into the oven wrapped in tin foil for about 1.5 hours depending on the size and they were just melt in the mouth delicious. If you want a nice crispy skin, I’d always open the tin foil for the last half an hour or so! Broccoli can either be boiled or steamed and the chicken was baked for just shy of 25 minutes. I then added some Cajun seasoning to mine afterwards, while Jamie opted for salt and pepper. You can honestly have this with any vegetables and it just hits the right spot without being too much of a fussy dish.

what we ate the meal plan diaries week three monday broccoli sweet potato and baked chicken breast cajun spice or salt and pepper raising the rings

Tuesday – King Prawn, Lentil & Courgette Curry

This is super similar to the chicken, lentil and courgette curry we make but obviously we just swap the chicken for prawns. Occasionally we’ll do half chicken and half prawns depending on what we fancy but this is also one of those dishes you can do really quickly and just leave to simmer away, or heat up later. One thing that really makes this dish easy is the ‘Nicer Dicer’ that I have as it chops all the veg up really quickly and Toby absolutely loves making it bang! Serve with rice, or if you’re feeling fancy shove a peshwari naan bread in. Or both. I would.

the meal diaries what we ate meal planning inspiration king prawn curry courgettes lentils seafood recipe raising the rings

Wednesday – Turkey Mince Meatballs With Ratatouille & Pasta

This is a dish we have a lot, but not one we’ve ever used turkey mince for. I had some in the freezer that I wanted to use up so opted to make our meatballs out of this instead. If you caught this on my Instagram stories then you’re one of the lucky ones. The recipe, I’m sure, will be up on the blog the next time I make it but as I never make anything the same twice, it might differ a little bit. I added chopped apricots and oregano, as well as seasoning, to┬áthe turkey mince meatballs and it was just so lovely!

what we ate the meal planning diaries wednesday raising the rings meal inspiration turkey mince meatballs with pasta and home made ratatouille

Thursday – Chicken With Spinach And Ricotta Tortelloni & Pasta Sauce

I had planned for us to have something totally different tonight but we got back from looking at a house later than we had hoped and everything was so rushed. Since we had some pasta in the fridge that needed using up and the chicken was already out, we waited until the boys were in bed and then demolished a bowl each while watching Silent Witness. Winner!

Friday – Chicken On A Bed Of Quinoa With Diced Vegetables

We decided that for tonight’s dinner we would revisit a very old friend – quinoa. I’ve got a whole jar of it in the cupboard and I honestly don’t think we’ve had this dish since before we had the kitchen done. Again, we had vegetables in the fridge that just needed using up so this was kind of a free for all meal and I did Instagram story this one if you caught it! If not, I’ll pop a recipe up soon as I’m sure this will be on the menu again soon! Who knows?

what we ate the meal diaries meal planning inspiration raising the rings thursday diced vegetables with quinoa and baked chicken

Saturday – Sweet Potato and Chicken Curry

I love this curry and it only has minimal ingredients too; chicken, sweet potato, coconut milk, lentils, korma paste and a bit of stock and it’s almost a throw it all in kind of dish. Sometimes we also add spinach or peas which is really tasty. Choose to serve on its own, with rice, or with naan. Super yummy and one that’s mild enough for the kiddies too.

Sunday – Moroccan Chicken One Pot

One of my all time favourite dishes and another one we’ve not had in quite a while; I totally forgot how good it is! We’ve made a few tweaks to it over the last couple of years – we don’t have the cherries for a start! My favourite bit has to be the little side dish you make to serve it with. The feta, the onion, mint and lemon zest is just heaven in my mouth. One to add back on to the meal planning diary for a few weeks time I think!

Tell me, have you been inspired by any of my meals so far? If you haven’t that’s ok! I’ll just try harder next week, haha!

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  1. January 23, 2017 / 5:00 pm

    Ohhh I definitely need to try those Turkey meatballs! Love these posts for healthy meal inspiration Jade xx

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