Baby Number Three | 13-18 Weeks Update

It’s been a few weeks since I did a baby number three pregnancy update. Sometimes I really feel the effects of being pregnant and other times I’ll totally forget I’m carrying another human being. These past five weeks have been pretty good, actually.

25th March – 13 Weeks Pregnant

So, our due date was brought forward by three days at our scan and so now I am officially 13 weeks today. Other than the scan it’s been pretty uneventful. The nausea is slowly subsiding and I can really feel myself starting to get some energy back, although I can almost guarantee you it won’t stay around for too long. I am, after all, already chasing around after the boys!

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1st April – 14 Weeks Pregnant

This was the week I played my very last netball matches and I am absolutely gutted. There are a few discrepancies within the leagues that I play in and their rules surrounding pregnant players but it’s time to admit defeat. The only problem is I don’t find as much enjoyment in other exercise like I find in netball.

We test drove a bigger car this week just to get an idea of what we’re in for and it was actually really lovely. We’re due a new car at the beginning of next year but ideally we need one that will fit three car seats across the back, or a seven seater! We had a lovely Easter holiday and I’ve not gorged on as much as chocolate as I thought I would. The boys have plenty to get through though. I’m feeling pretty symptom free of this pregnancy now and other than feeling a bit bloated and having itchy boobs, I don’t really feel pregnant at all!

8th April – 15 Weeks Pregnant

This week I was booked in for some blood tests. During my last two pregnancies I ended up with borderline thyroid issues and was medicated throughout, so we are expecting the same again. They’re also testing my iron levels and haemoglobin stores as they’ve always dipped during pregnancy as well.

I managed to catch up with some friends this week which was really lovely. Again, relatively asymptomatic but I think I’m feeling some flutters of movement. This is where it starts feeling more real and more exciting. I shan’t get my hopes up too much though because it could just as easily be wind. I didn’t feel Toby move until closer to 20 weeks, although I could feel Ted moving at around 9 weeks which was bizarre!

15th April – 16 Weeks Pregnant

We’ve spent four nights at Bath Mill Lodge Retreat this week and it was nice to escape the norm! I have definitely felt the effects of the boys being at home 24/7 for half-term though; I feel so tired and drained. I’m ready for this week to be over!

baby number three pregnancy update week 13 to 18 bath mill lodge retreat break inside

I did attend the Mothercare Expectant Parent event on Sunday which, I have to say, was a load of pants! I’ve been to a couple before (2015, 2016) and they’ve been pretty good and worth an hour of my time but this time I was in and out within about 30 minutes. Only two stands, a talk on carseats (I’ve already got two children so it wasn’t really worthy for me) and a small goody bag which, actually, has been an improvement on the last couple so I was pleasantly surprised about that.

I am definitely feeling more movement, I think, and my tummy is a lot harder now too but OH THE PAIN of round ligament stretching – why does it hurt so much more this time? I haven’t taken any bump shots really because I haven’t seen that much of a change but my jeans are definitely getting tighter!

22nd April – 17 Weeks Pregnant

I’ve been so busy this week I don’t feel like I’ve had time to breath – not that I can breath very well in normal sized jeans anyway! The struggle is real. I got the results of my blood test today and, thus far, my iron levels are absolutely fine, as is my thyroid function. The only thing that isn’t quite right is my haemoglobin stores so I’ve been put on medication to help with those.

We went to Bath this weekend without the kids for a couple of different things we had planned and it was so nice to get away. Sometimes you don’t realise just how much you needed that time away from your mini humans to reset yourself and clear your mind. The boys had a great time at Nanny and Pop’s house, they barely noticed we were gone and were waving us off too!

I am kind of starting to look pregnant now. I can’t suck my belly in as much as I used to be able to and people who haven’t seen me for a couple of weeks have said they can tell now. I suppose it’s only fitting as it won’t be long before we hit the half way mark!

29th April – 18 Weeks Pregnant

Oh, what a week! I had my first midwife appointment since being booked in and I was kind of expecting to go through the usual stuff, which we did, but there were also a few extra bits thrown right in there. The biggest thing being is that my placenta isn’t producing a good level of the PaPP-A hormone. This basically means I could experience growth issues in the pregnancy which is a bit weird because I experienced growth issues with Teddy during pregnancy; however, this wasn’t down to low PaPP-A as far as I know – but that could explain it.

I had a bit of a panic about it that afternoon because I’d been reading things on the internet (why do we do it?!) but I had some reassurance from a midwife that I’d be absolutely fine. It does mean I’ll need extra scans throughout but I thought that would be the case based on my last pregnancy anyway; so hello to 28, 32 & 36 week scans! The midwife has also referred me to the physiotherapist to ensure that everything ‘down there’ is kept on top of and monitored as I can already feel the pressure of the baby weighing down, especially if I’ve been standing up for quite a long time.

I then went straight to an appointment with my consultant who was really lovely. We spoke about my first two pregnancies and how they panned out (“oh you had a rough and traumatic time with the first one didn’t you?”) and we spoke about how things were going in this pregnancy so far. He was really attentive although he did start getting my hopes up about how I was going to deliver this one.

If you’ve read my previous posts you’ll know that due to having such an awful childbirth experience with Toby, I was advised (told!) that any more babies needed to be delivered via caesarean. Now when the consultant spoke to me this week he asked me if I’d thought about how I would like to deliver. Immediately my ears pricked up because even though I have no problems with having another section, he kind of offered a glimmer of hope that I might be able to try for a VBAC. After me saying this to him he basically said if it were him, and due to all the previous issues, he’d like me to not risk it again and highly advised another section.

Ultimately the choice is with me but is it really a choice when, if I deliver a baby vaginally, I am at such high risk of leaving myself incontinent both ways? Not really. I’m going to speak with my physiotherapist when I get an appointment through to see what she thinks about me taking on a vaginal birth but I’ve pretty much already resigned myself to having a c-section.

So, all in all… it’s been relatively plain sailing up until this last week!

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Were you considered a high risk pregnancy? Did you have a medically advised c-section for similar reasons?


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