Back To School | An ‘Incredible’ Start To Year One With Disney

I don’t know about your children but Toby is already looking forward to going back to school despite it only just being the start of the holidays. He’s just finished his first year in Reception so doesn’t really have an idea of weeks and how many he has off but that doesn’t mean he isn’t having all the fun while he’s at home!

I know that Reception for Toby has very much been an extension of nursery in some ways, although there is a lot more structured and focused learning, and he’s definitely missing his friends, but I think Year One will still be a whole new learning curve for him. The class he was in is being split, he’ll have a new teacher and being an August 30th baby, he’ll have just turned 5 whereas a few of the others will be hurtling towards being aged 6.

I’m trying to find ways to make it easier for him to take the transition because even though I know he’s excited, and managed pretty much most of Reception year without so much as a small wobble of the bottom lip, the potential is definitely there for him to realise that actually he won’t be staying at home and will be back to the routine of going to school on a daily basis.

It’s definitely going to be hard getting back into a routine of making lunches, doing school uniform and checking he’s got the world and his wife in his school bag – even more so because I can’t really afford to be anything less than too strict with it with the new baby joining us at the end of September.

Either way, getting back to the grind is going to be difficult! I’ve been involving Toby in lots of back to school shopping to try and keep his spirits up about school, and also so he doesn’t forget that he will be going back. It’s about making it fun and magical for them and nobody does that better for kids than Disney, right?

We recently spent an afternoon at the cinema watching The Incredibles 2 and, despite a few hiccups, Toby absolutely loved it! So, imagine the smile on both of our faces when I found out the Disney Store were offering ‘The Incredibles’ back to school merchandise! A few bits came through the post for Toby and I thought that by getting everything out of the box, we could open up a conversation around school and what he thinks he might like to take into Year One with him.

The first thing Toby went for was obviously the backpack. It went straight on his back and then he paraded around his bedroom to show it off to me. “Mummy, look at me! I’m a superhero”. I asked Toby what he thought superheroes took to school and we had a good chat about what he’d be putting in his bag when he goes back to school in September. Here’s what Toby thought that every superhero should be taking to school.

back to school with disney the incredibles 2 incredible return to year one the disney store backpack school bag

Mummy, Let’s Take Stickers!

These ‘Incredible’ emoji stickers were the first thing Toby wanted to pack. When I asked Toby why he wanted to take these he said that when they do good work at school they get stickers and instead of a ‘Golden Learner’ sticker, he thinks these would be better for all the superheroes. “Mummy, all the children sometimes get a sticker and then the superheroes get these ones because they are superheroes and then I can put it on my bed when I’ve been a good boy”.

back to school with disney the incredibles 2 emoji stickers incredible return to year one the disney store

Toby’s new obsession with stickers has proven wonderfully fruitful for us in recent weeks at home and, though we tried them quite a while ago and they weren’t that effective, we can only assume it’s because he’s made an association between them at school for being good, or doing good things. He loves to keep all his rewards on the foot of his bed and will often go up to count them to see how well he is doing!

Look At These, Mummy!

The next thing that caught Toby’s eye was his new pencil case and erasable markers. The pencil case is in the shape of a car and he couldn’t wait to get his markers inside. (Just from my point of view, the fact that the markers are erasable gets all the ‘yays’ from me!).

back to school with disney the incredibles 2 incredible return to year one erasable markers the disney store

Toby told me these would be super for doing lots of drawing and writing. I asked him whether he thought superheroes practised their numbers and phonics with these pens and he said they definitely did.

back to school with disney the incredibles 2 incredible return to year one the disney store incredibile car erasable markers

A Superhero Lunch

One thing we’ve struggled with in Reception year is getting Toby to try new foods. We started out the year with him having school dinners full time. We, naively, thought he would just see his friends eating it and then he would follow suit. Fast forward a few weeks later and he was being sent in with packed lunches at least three times a week.

back to school with disney the incredibles 2 incredible return to year one the disney store lunch bag box

I spoke to him about superheroes being really brave and trying new things and he’s agreed to try some new school lunches. Following that conversation, we’ve had some huge progress at home with him asking to try things like peas and carrots and we have the stickers to thank for that – I told you he had a bit of an obsession. He’s very much a praise led child and adores getting things in return for doing well despite this having never really worked in the past!

Toby’s new ‘The Incredibles’ lunch bag and drinks bottle from Disney Store will be the perfect solution for a superhero packed lunch when the time calls. Hopefully, if we find he definitely doesn’t want something on the hot lunch menu from school, then I may be able to sneak in a ‘superhero’ snack that’s new and encourage him to try it!

Mummy, Am I Having The Same Book Bag?

Toby asked me if he would be having the same book bag and I was honest and said I didn’t know. After asking some of the other parents in a bit of a panic we found out that he does. He then asked me if we could attach his new Incredibles key ring to the handle. Toby said “then I know that the superhero one is mine ‘cause ‘cause lots of children in my class have one the same colour”. Of course we’ll be changing the name insert on the back as he’ll be in a class with a new class name, but he’ll be able to recognise his bag on sight with this!

back to school with disney the incredibles 2 incredible return to year one the disney store keyring school bag

So those are Toby’s back to school ‘essentials’. I’d love to know which character your children would choose to go back to school with from the Disney Store, or even if you went back to school who you’d choose?

*We received these products from the Disney Store in order to curate this post. All views and opinions are our own.


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