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For a few months now my husband has been on at me to try out some podcasts. I couldn’t ever really see the point and I was always happy to either work in silence, read something or just watch the TV but they’ve suddenly become much more exciting. ‘The Discovery Adventures’ is a new family, mystery drama podcast by Land Rover and your car journeys are about to be transformed.

This innovative form of audio drama is more than an audiobook, it’s a complete audio experience. Land Rover want you and your family to get out and enjoy the great outdoors and where better to get inspiration than from inside your own car? These podcasts have been specifically designed, written and recorded to be listened to during a car journey where your passion for the unparalleled beauty of the British landscape is ignited.

land rover the discovery adventures podcast review listen with all the family best to listen to in long car journeys

It’s so easy these days to be lost in an app on your phone, listening to the radio or just staring out of the window with not really much thought to what you’re passing by. Land Rover want to make sure that we aren’t missing out on the incredible places we might be passing through or visiting. They want you to look, see and feel the great outdoors.

Working with Tony and Olivier award-winning sound pioneer Gareth Fry and an all-star cast of acting talent and outdoor experts, with names like Natalie Dormer, Professor Alice Roberts, Hugh Skinner and Alexander Armstrong you’re unlikely to be left disappointed.

The Discovery Adventures Episodes

There are seven episodes in this particular season, each being released one week after the other. So far six have been released.

Each episode is related to the one(s) previous, although are set in different locations. Be prepared to go from London, to Manchester, to Cornwall. Gareth Fry was has been absolutely key in creating these podcasts where he’s been using binaural recording to capture genuine 360° sound at some incredible UK locations, creating an immersive experience for listeners like us. It gives us an opportunity to close our eyes, listen and really ‘be’ there with the narrators. It’s about a sense of location, panorama, landscape and our place within it. These podcasts are even better if you’re in the location they’re talking about where you can be even more present.

Who Will I Hear?

I’ve already mentioned four of the cast above but here is a full list of whose voices you can expect to hear on the series.

Hugh Skinner
Natalie Dormer
Alice Roberts
Chris Packham
Lucie Green
Neil Oliver
Tristan Gooley
Alexander Armstrong
Kate Silverton
Sir Ben Ainslie
Sir Ranulph Fiennes
Sophie Thompson

What’s The Plot For The Discovery Adventures?

I’ll do my best not to give any of the plot away but it’s about a child named Sam their uncle and a dog called Rover. They’re transported through some of Britain’s most evocative locations after they set out to discover who’s behind nationwide GPS disruptions. So the twist here is that WE, the listener, are Sam.
Sam gets to work with some ‘National Treasures’ along the way including Alice Roberts, Sir Ranulph Fiennes and Chris Packham, all of whom are household names, and solves the mystery using radio expertise.
Reminding us that the real world can be just as impressive and immersive as virtual reality they use ‘old school’ skills to save the day!

land rover the discovery adventures podcast review listen with all the family best to listen to in long car journeys

What Did I Think Of The Discovery Adventures?

Oh gosh, quite honestly it’s probably one of the best podcasts I could’ve started on. As someone who lives in Norfolk I’m super exposed to lots of the countryside and often find myself immersed in my phone and barely looking out the window because it’s all too ‘familiar’. However, having put on these podcasts and listened to them I want to look out the window and imagine myself as this character in this story and I find myself finding things in Norfolk that can relate to the sounds and surroundings on the podcast.

I adore the way that we’re the listener. I was a bit confused at first because there was no dialogue and I thought there was something missing but I realised I was playing the part and responding in my head. I love that we are fully immersed and involved in what’s going on.

The sound effects are incredible and it’s been really well edited and put together. I love how it’s split over several episodes, I think that’s part of what makes it different to an audiobook. The story is exciting and, if you have older children, they would definitely be interested in listening to this.

I love that the podcasts aren’t too long and they’re FREE to download too! Well done Land Rover – *round of applause*.

So if you need something to listen to and want to be inspired to get outdoors, then get this podcast downloaded STAT and get involved in the conversation using #TheDiscoveryAdventures. Buzzoole

*This is an advertisement feature by Land Rover.


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