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Teddy’s nursery has, and still is, in dire need of a bit of decoration. We’ve done what we can to make it his own thus far but now it’s about getting the little things together; pictures on the wall, a decent bookshelf with a reading corner and perhaps even a nice little rug.

making our house a home canvas from photowall review how to motivate overweigh individuals to climb stairs

We’re very lucky in that Teddy does have a generous sized room so while it’s about making it homely and his, I don’t want it to look overly cluttered for the sake of it. One of the things that Teddy’s had on his wall is Jamie’s dissertation poster about climbing stairs. I mean, I’m all for displaying masterpieces but in all honesty we just needed somewhere to hang it before it got ruined and Ted’s bedroom was the only place it would fit without putting extra nails in the wall.

making our house a home canvas from photowall review dinosaur land framed picture

A Photowall Canvas

However, Photowall recently got in touch and asked if we’d like to review either a wallpaper mural or a canvas and I decided it was about time to replace that dissertation poster to something Teddy might actually enjoy looking at. For the last couple of months he has really been into dinosaurs and his love for it has continued. I love this age because once they get hold of something they love, they don’t usually let it go. Toby is very much into superheroes and it’s definitely been the ‘fad’ that’s lasted the longest and we were lucky enough to get some canvas prints for him so it only seemed fair that Ted got a canvas of something he loved.

making our house a home canvas from photowall review dinosaur land framed picture constructing

Photowall have an incredible amount of options and, at first, I was quite tempted to get something for our bedroom or the living room but then I came across a really colourful dinosaur print that I just knew Teddy would love and I decided there and then that that’s what we’d get.

So many people I know have gone for monochrome looks or muted colours in nurseries and playrooms and, while it does look lovely, there’s no denying that, they’re all very much the same and I wanted Ted’s room to have a bit of colour injected to it. The walls are pretty neutral anyway so I thought why not use this canvas as an opportunity to put colour into his room while having a picture up that he loves? It seemed the perfect thing to do.

making our house a home canvas from photowall review dinosaur land framed picture

After choosing the print for his room I was able to choose whether it came with a frame or not. The frame is a DIY job which I was a little apprehensive about because even though I’m not actually that bad at DIY, I lack confidence in doing it. I decided that we’d go for it though. You do have the option of just having the canvas only without the frame.

Choosing Your Options With Photowall

I chose to have the edge of the canvas as part of the picture rather than a plain colour and I got to choose the dimensions of the canvas too. All of these different combinations affected the prices and I think ours came out at around £84. Now, admittedly £84 is incredibly steep for a canvas and I’m not sure I would have bought it myself for that much because there are cheaper alternatives around, but I do like that you can enter the dimensions, crop the image to order and completely customise your order.

making our house a home canvas from photowall review dinosaur land framed picture

It was delivered in a tall, thin box and I did wonder where the frame was at first! By DIY I honestly thought they meant I’d just have to mount the canvas on the ready made frame. Turns out, you make the frame as you go along and then pop the canvas on which is actually a lot easier than I thought it was going to be. The canvas came rolled up and once it was opened up flat you could see where the edge of the canvas would go.

Photowall DIY Canvas Frame

The instructions are really simple to follow; peel back the tape to expose the sticky line and place it on the canvas. Repeat for all four sides and then turn in to create a tightly pulled picture. I did struggle with the last screw fittings on the inside which holds the canvas in place but it was nothing the weight of a knee couldn’t solve and it made sure the canvas fit well across the frame.

We’ve hung it up in Ted’s bedroom and he absolutely loves it. He was pointing out the dinosaurs and telling me what they were before we’d even got it up on the wall.

making our house a home canvas from photowall review dinosaur land framed picture

Everything from ordering, to delivery, assembly and display was so incredibly easy and I would absolutely not hesitate to buy from Photowall again. The only, very small, issue I had was that I hadn’t stuck one side of the canvas down very well but after a good rub over the top it was back to how it should have looked – all that pulling and screwing must’ve just made it come a bit loose!

Have you ever had anything from Photowall before? If you haven’t then head over to get 20% off using code ‘RaisingTheRingsCampaign2018′. It’s valid for 30 days so go, go, go! What will you choose? I’m off to pick a wallpaper mural for Teddy’s big empty wall!

*I was sent this product in return for a review. All views and opinions are my own.


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