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If there’s one thing I’m super excited for in the next couple of weeks, it’s planning the nursery and finally getting it done. This was one of my favourite jobs with the boys – buying furniture, soft furnishings and the other little nursery decor trinkets to finish off a room.

When planning the nursery with Toby we went all out bright blue and chose the Jamboree themed set from Mamas and Papas. The only piece of furniture we had new was a nursing chair; the wardrobes were built in to his room at our old house and we had a second hand cot and chest of drawers. I wasn’t really one for having anything on the walls and looking back, it does seem a bit bare but I loved it at the time.

Teddy’s nursery was a pastel green colour. We, again, got a second hand chest of drawers and Toby was in a junior bed by this point so Teddy got the cot handed down along with all the bedding too. We soon got rid of the second hand drawers as they were terrible and got him some new, solid ones.

I wouldn’t say there was much of a theme to his room and that it was more of a basic nursery. I guess I felt like, actually, we didn’t use them as playrooms and nurseries that much so I didn’t want to invest loads of money into them. They were purely for sleeping and storing clothes, nappies and all the other bits and bobs.

Planning The Nursery

Planning the nursery this time round I feel like I’m a bit more conscious of what the room will be like, not only now, but in the future. I have an idea of how I want this nursery to look, and planning it in my head has been fun, but now it’s time to actually get started. I’d really love it done by the end of this month; the boys finish school and nursery for the summer holidays soon and I don’t really want them in the way, or us not doing things with them because we’re trying to sort the nursery out.

raising the rings pinterest making our house a home planning the nursery fox grey white black inspiration

Equally, it’ll probably be hot and I’ll be too pregnant to do too much and by the time they go back to school I’ll only have 4 weeks left before this one arrives, so it totally makes sense to get it done ASAP. Plus, I might actually be able to organise all the things that we have so far and have a better idea of what else we need to buy.

The Walls

At the moment there’s some wallpaper on one wall which I’d like to strip off before we paint it but I just don’t think we’ve got enough time to faff around! I’m hoping to just paint over it for now and then, when we redecorate in a couple of years, we can do everything from scratch – which may even include taking out the fitted wardrobes that are in the room at the moment.

We have a lovely picture rail round the top so I’m hoping that we’ll use two slightly different colours to just bring something different into the room. I think I’d like to keep it relatively neutral on the walls though, possibly grey, and bring pops of colour into the room with prints and soft furnishings.

making our house a home planning the nursery painting the walls rabbit's foot valspar trend for 2018 gender neutral wall

Valspar have a gorgeous range at the moment and have predicted that instead of using traditional colours, parents will opt for gender neutral colours in the nursery – and they’re probably spot on!

I have a grey/orange/black/white theme in my head but you never know how these things will totally pan out.

I recently won a gorgeous print with a giraffe on but sadly I don’t think it’s going to work in the room because it’s genuinely just so massive! Instead I think we may add a few smaller prints to the wall and maybe even some kind of vinyl stickers. There are some wallpapers I like, but that would defeat the object of what we’re doing with the paint, and the ones I like are just a little bit too grown up for a nursery at the moment but is definitely something I’d want to revisit a couple of years down the line.

The Floor

We only had a carpet laid in this room last year so there’s really no need to change it. I have been looking at, perhaps, a nice rug but I don’t think I’ll know I like one until I see it. I think this will probably be an extra thing if everything else comes together how I’m planning it will in my head, but for now it’s not a dead cert.

The Furniture

Sadly, our old cot broke when I leant over the dropside bar one too many times and snapped a piece off. As the cot was over 10 years old the replacement pieces aren’t available any more, which is a shame as I’d have loved to have just used the same cot.

I was so torn between choosing a white one or one with an oak effect but thought the oak effect one would complement the room better and not be so strikingly different from the other furniture we plan to get.

making our house a home planning the nursery mamas and papas atlas cotbed oak effect

We chose a cotbed for longevity of use and it makes total sense to have something that we can change easily, rather than buying something new in a couple of years time.

We do need to get a chest of drawers for the room. I was originally tempted to go for the IKEA Malm in white but as I decided against having a white cot it would be silly to buy white furniture. I think we’re going to pop into a local shop where we ended up getting Ted’s new one from a couple of years ago and get a decent, solid one that we know will last.

The Soft Furnishings

This is probably my favourite part of the planning the nursery process. I’ve already been buying a few bits that I can’t wait to get out of the box and on the wall or out on display. I’m really hoping these few bits ‘fit’ the kind of thing I’m going for and I’m sure they’ll bring the room together. I love the idea of foxes this time round but don’t want it to be solely fox based so I think just a couple of bits here and there will be fine and then it just gives me a bit more freedom in the future.

I’d really like to get a bookshelf up in here like I have with Toby and Teddy’s room, though I’m not sure where it’d go for the moment, and sit a bean bag underneath it for stories; I’m going to forgo the nursing chair as I barely used it with the other two and ended up selling it on.

making our house a home planning the nursery colour inspiration orange grey white

I’ve been creating a bit of a mood board on Pinterest with some ideas! Mine will look nothing like it but it’ll be nice to see it done nonetheless! I’m going to be doing a video of the full transformation process so once that’s live I’ll pop a link below!

What do you think? Can I pull something off? What did you choose when planning the nursery?


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  1. July 25, 2018 / 11:58 pm

    Aw decorating the nursery is always so much fun – and it makes it seem so real doesn’t it! Do you know if you are having a boy or girlie? xx

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