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There’s genuinely little more exciting than the thought of a new baby. The only thing is that babies usually take 9 months to grow and you’re left with all this time thinking about what you’re going to buy, what products you might want to use and all that kind of jazz.

The Baby Box Company

I’m on to my third baby now and very little surprises me when it comes to things in ‘baby hampers’ as they all tend to be quite ‘samey’ in a sense, or they can be pretty generic products that you can pick up anywhere for a lot cheaper. However, there are one or two baby hamper providers that are still able to step forward from the crowd and be different and offer something new and exciting; and one of those is The Baby Box Company.

This beautiful mother and daughter team came together after finding a gap in the market where they could provide some original products that didn’t cost the Earth. Both mums themselves, the products are ones they have hand selected and have found practical and useful. Despite Christine and Chloe claiming that their personalised hampers are traditional, I’d personally beg to differ.

I was recently sent their luxury, personalised baby hamper and after seeing it online I knew it would be perfect for what we were looking for and I was even more pleased when it came through the door!

Personalised Hamper – Luxury

There are 6 items included in this specific box; a personalised embroidered grey cotton blanket, baby milestone cards, a newborn baby sleep suit, a newborn bodysuit, Sock Ons and a natural touch ring rattle.

Personalised Embroidered Grey Cotton Blanket

This is probably one of the star attractions of the box. It’s 100% cotton, grey and almost with a marl effect and I can’t even tell you how soft it feels. It’s totally lightweight, utterly beautiful and the embroidery is superbly done with a gorgeous curved hem around the edge.

I chose to personalise it with ‘Baby Ring’, in white, purely on the basis that even though we’ve found out we’re having a boy, we have a few names in mind but know it’s still going to take us a while to decide. You could choose to have the embroidery in pink or blue if you choose.

the baby box company personalised hamper review 100% cotton grey blanket embroidered

I can absolutely see us using this on a daily basis, whether in the Moses basket or in the pram for a little light coverage. It’s not massive so it won’t cover baby up for too long (boy, can they grow quick!) but it’s definitely one of those things I can envisage this baby becoming attached to!

Baby Milestone Cards

I love these, I think they’re great! I didn’t really know about them with my other two boys so I kind of feel like I missed a trick with them but they are so good if you can remember to use them!

the baby box company personalised hamper review the original baby cards milestones 30 inside the box

They offer a lovely bit of colour to this otherwise monochrome box (which I don’t mind, I like monochrome and it’s unisex!). There are 30 cards in total which range from age milestones to their first word, tooth and step. These are a fab addition to the box as not every parent would think about picking a pack of these up until it’s probably too late.

Sock Ons

Ok, so the husband and I have a slightly divided opinion about this product in general so it’s quite funny that they’re in this box actually. I have seen these before and have genuinely thought “oh, you know, what’s the point?” and he on the other hand thinks they’re a genius idea. It’s not that I don’t think they’re genius but I wonder if they’re really necessary.

There is only one way to find out and that’s to have this baby and try them on! I’m kind of excited and reluctant to try them in equal measure as I know I’m probably going to be proven wrong but they’re not something I would have picked up before.

Hopefully the washing machine won’t eat one of these like it does all the other pairs of socks!

the baby box company personalised hamper review baby bunting grey star print bodysuit vest sock ons white do they work

Baby Bunting Grey Star Print Unisex Bodysuit

It’s a white bodysuit, with grey stars on it – what’s not to love? Age 0-3 months, this may take my little one a month or two to grow into, as so far I’ve not had a baby over 7lbs and certainly neither of them have fitted straight into anything that was 0-3 months!

The bodysuit is by a brand called BabyBunting, is 100% cotton and super soft just like the blanket. It has a standard 3 popper formation at the bottom and has a beautiful, solid white trim around all the edges. It’ll be perfect for layering under a sleep suit , wearing on its own if it’s warm enough or even to go under a pair of dungarees! Super, super cute!

Newborn Baby Sleepsuit, White Bunny Print

This little sleep suit is just the cutest thing. It’s incredibly simple in design but I just love the little rabbit on the front; wearing his spectacles and bow tie like some kind of celebrity among babies. This is 0-3 months again and looks particularly generous, but as I said I usually have small babies.

the baby box company personalised hamper review soft white cotton rabbit with spectacles glasses and bowtie bow tie

Super soft all over and 100% cotton it has a standard envelope neck with an over the head fit and three poppers at the bottom. I can’t wait to see this on him!

Touch Ring Rattle (Natural)

This is probably my second favourite thing in the box. You kind of live and learn when it comes to kids and I genuinely wish I’d bought less plastic tat over the years and had more wooden toys. This toy come teether is wooden which means it’s super easy to clean (hurray!), sustainable (eco-friendly!) and it just does the right job for the right reasons.

the baby box company personalised hamper review heimes wooden rattle teether toy baby sustainable ecofriendly

I love taking things back to basics and I’m so glad this has been included in the box! This will be the kind of thing we have available in the baby’s bag or down the side of the pushchair to whip out when the little one needs a bit of light entertainment.

Other Amazing Features!

The packaging is divine and super minimal, which I love! The box also comes with a suggestion card to give you an idea of how you can recycle the box; mine was a ‘sensory box’, which is a long way off yet but is a great way to save things going in the bin straight away!

I would recommend these boxes to anyone looking for a gift for a new mum/baby – especially as they’re unisex. There are prices to suit all budgets and the quality of products is second to none. The fact that they’ve all been hand selected is just another tick for The Baby Box Company.

*I received this box in return for a review. All views and opinions are my own.


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