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As a blogger, when you get an email offering you a hamper you tend to approach with caution. Some hampers come in the tiniest jiffy bag with two packet sized samples of things and others, like the one I received recently are huge and brimming with products from an incredible array of brands.
A few months ago I got asked if I wanted to be on the receiving end of a ‘Tots + Tykes’ hamper. Knowing full well I have two little ones, with a thrid on the way, the name couldn’t have been any more suited to us and I said yes without even thinking – and I’m so glad I did because a proper hamper it was.
There is a full unboxing video at the bottom of this blog, but if you’ve come straight from the vlog then you’re here because you want a bit more detail on what was inside. You know you’ve also come looking for the discount codes – right? Either way, you’re here and this is what we got!

Platypus Australia

Platypus Australia are one of the brands in the hamper that I’d not heard of before. They sent me the most gorgeous swim shorts and rash vests for the boys and, after reading a bit more about them, they couldn’t be any more perfect. We are a rather sun safe and sun conscious family, especially because the boys and I are rather pale, so UV protection is massive for us.

tots and tykes hamper social network solutions explore new brands platypus australia fishbones rash vest shorts

The designs are fun and quirky and can come in sets or singles; Teddy’s outfit is the ‘Fishbones’ design while Toby’s is ‘Denim Daze’. As you can see in the video, Teddy’s fishbone rash vest has shorter sleeves than the denim daze set. They felt really well made and I’d expect nothing less from the two mums who have been running this business since 1996. I think, as a parent, you know you’d want the best for your child so there’s no compromise on quality – especially when it comes to being protected from the sun.

tots and tykes hamper social network solutions explore new brands platypus australia denim daze review rash vest shorts

When this little one comes along we’ll probably invest in some Platypus Australia swimwear for him too!

You can see more from Platypus Australia on their website, or on their Instagram page!


I’ve heard of Penwizard before but we’ve never had any of their products. I am loving that the books are so personalised, not just on the front cover with the boys’ names, but also inside with little touches like their dates of birth and hair colour. As I say in the video, Teddy loves Peppa Pig and Blaze and Toby loves Paw Patrol, so we were on to a winner straight away with those.
tots and tykes hamper social network solutions explore new brands penwizard customised books for kids
We let the boys take it in turns to choose a story before bedtime and I already know we’re going to have arguments over which book we’re going to have now that they’re on the bookshelf.
After checking out their website they have a fabulous range of books just waiting to be personalised with your little one’s name. They look like they’d make a great gift too! Get 20% off with code ‘JADE20‘ and keep an eye on their Instagram page for more reading adventures!
tots and tykes hamper social network solutions explore new brands penwizard paw patrol customised book


Kiddylicious were a huge part of both boys’ weaning journeys and they’re likely to make an appearance again when we start weaning the baby. While they are a brand I’ve heard of and used before, the porridge that was included was a new product to me but it’s one I’ll likely be adding to the shopping list when the time comes.

tots and tykes hamper social network solutions explore new brands kiddylicious weaning porridge snacks review

Their snacks are changing bag sized, super handy and, to be quite honest, they taste pretty good if you fancy a treat too. We’re going to pop these away until the time is right but keep an eye out in a few month’s time where Kiddylicious are guaranteed to make a few more appearances.


Slipfree are a totally new brand to me and I didn’t even know things like this existed. If you hadn’t worked it out they are a slip-free shoe that are suitable for more than just the poolside; these slip ons bring a whole new world of safety to your world. However, they can be worn just about anywhere; whether it’s at the beach on hot sand, at home in the garden or on laminate floor these shoes have firm-grip soles that stop you and your children from tripping, slipping and sliding.

tots and tykes hamper social network solutions explore new brands slip free shoes soles Slipfree UK review

The material feels wonderfully comfortable and it’s light and flexible so will move in sync with your feet. I’m going to pop these on the next time the boys want to run around the house – we’ve had no end of falls on our wood floors because they end up racing so fast and slip over in their socks.

Find out more on the Slipfree website. Remember, they’re not just for kids!


Snüz are a brand that I’ve heard of before but I was only really made aware of them after the boys were here and it was a bit too late down the line for us to make good use of any of their products. However, fast forward to today and they’re on the Snüzpod 3, have a bedding range, the Snüzkot and of course the Snüzpouch.

tots and tykes hamper social network solutions explore new brands snuzpouch review snuzpod 3 geo mono print sleeping bag baby

For me, this is one of my dream brands and we’ve actually got a SnüzPod 3 for this little one (more on that in another vlog and blog coming your way!) so to have a Snüzpouch in this hamper was too perfect! It’s a 2.5 tog suitable for 0-6 months and it’s really, really dreamy.

Made with 100% super soft cotton this new style of sleeping bag comes with a special, easy access zip for nappy changes. Most sleeping bags that I know of unzip or unbutton all the way from the arm down to the feet which means you end up disturbing and jostling baby around more than you’d like. With this half moon zip, it means there’s less disturbance and you should be able to get it done as quickly as possible without fully waking up the little one you’ve just spent two hours getting to sleep. Am I right or am I right?

tots and tykes hamper social network solutions explore new brands geo mono sleeping bag snuzpouch snuzpod 3 bedside crib co-sleeper

I’ve got the SnüzPouch in ‘Geo Mono’ although I am now left lusting after a lot more of the range! Sleeping bags are definitely our go-to for babies over blankets. And I think I probably need an organiser now too.

Cheeky Wipes

I’m no stranger to Cheeky Wipes but what is new to me are the make up removal pads and the breast pads. Obviously there’s lots of hype this year around wipes containing plastic and choosing alternatives and these are definitely a much more ec0-friendly option. Of course, it does mean very little extra washing but these products are so worth it because they last and they work!

If you don’t know how they work, I do give you a quick ‘how-to’ in the video but I can’t recommend them enough if you’re looking for reusable wipes/clothes/pads. Admittedly, I have no first hand experience of these particular reusable breast pads as of yet, but I will be using them when the time comes. They’re incredibly soft and look like they’re going to be good at absorbing but until I’ve used them personally, I don’t know.

tots and tykes hamper social network solutions explore new brands cheeky wipes how to use reusable baby wipes eco friendly sustainable make up pads breast pads coconut balm

I love the idea of the reusable make up wipes though. How many times I’ll do my make up in the first few weeks of having a newborn is anyone’s guess, but if I do manage to get my face on then these will be the first things I try.

I love that you’re able to add whichever essential oil you like the smell of and just have a little stash to hand and everything is so soft which is always better when you’re treating yourself to some self care.


Our first ever matching outfits for a trio of boys! These cute, vintage inspired and timeless pyjamas are super cute and I honestly can’t wait to capture a picture of all three of them dressed in these. I can imagine them all cosied up together on a blanket by a roaring fire in these, two of them sipping hot chocolate and one having milk.

tots and tykes hamper social network solutions explore new brands happyology pyjamas vintage prints matching

Happyology aren’t a brand I’d heard of before but their website and products are so very whimsical, delicate and unique in their design. Think of fairytale-esque enchantment, fond memories and outfits from the past and then mix that with captivating design, luxury and fabric and you have Happyology summed up.

Without a doubt, I can see myself spending a bit more time (probably when I’m feeding through the night) making absolutely necessary purchases on here!

Tired Bear

Ok, can I just say if you want to create arguments between two of your children then get a couple of these Tired Bear costumes. They are SO amazing and, quite honestly, I can understand why the boys have been fighting over these. (Yes, it’s hard to get a photo of the boys wearing them)!

tots and tykes hamper social network solutions explore new brands tired bear costumes dress up shark two piece tail fin imagination

I had never heard of Tired Bear before but they, hands down, make such an incredible addition to any child’s dressing up box/rail! The boys have worn these every single day since we got them and they think they’re the best thing ever.

Toby loves to sing the ‘Baby Shark’ song when wearing the shark costume and Teddy loves to go round whipping people with his stegosaurus tail. Both of the boys’ imaginations are at a stage where they finally filter into each other when they’re playing together. They can both create these worlds that they can each get lost in and these kinds of costumes bring that to life for them.

tots and tykes hamper social network solutions explore new brands tired bear stegosaurus tail imaginative imagination play costume dress up kids

These costumes are brilliant, I almost have no words other than go and check them out for yourself!

Orchard Toys

We’re huge fans of Orchard Toys, especially their puzzles! Both Toby and Teddy have started taking an interest in playing games with both Jamie and I and it’s always nice to have more of a selection.

In the hamper we had ‘Superhero Lotto‘, ‘One Dog Ten Frogs‘ and ‘Little Bug Bingo‘. 

Little Bug Bingo

This is the absolute perfect size for a busy box/quiet bin or even travelling. With the new baby due I’ve been gathering a few toys that I’ll be able to play one handed with the boys when I’m feeding, if I have to. Little Bug Bingo is perfect for this!

It’s compact, really easy to play and not overly involved which Teddy found brilliant when we gave it a test run. We named lots of new bugs and he loved placing the leaves over the bugs when he got one. I can’t say he was too pleased when his bug didn’t get turned over though – kids, eh?

One Dog, Ten Frogs

tots and tykes hamper social network solutions explore new brands orchard toys one dog ten frogs matching memory counting game for kids pre-school review

Teddy and I gave this a go but he found it quite overwhelming having lots of pieces everywhere. The counters are massive and so when they’re spread out across the floor it does look like a lot. Having said that it, when we get it out again I’ll probably half what we get out so that he’s got less to choose from. This makes it more appealing in terms of difficulty level, though. With Toby I’d probably try and aim for all of them. It’s definitely a progressive game and there are lots of ways you could play it!

Superhero Lotto

A two sided game of bingo with varying degrees of difficulty. Again, one side is full of pictures and is perfect for Teddy and the other is blank and a little more difficult which would be great for Toby; it just mean with Toby we can try and open up discussions and talk through the ‘whys’ of things, rather than letting him get it too easy with the pictures. Another great game to play one handed though!

tots and tykes hamper social network solutions explore new brands orchard toys superhero lotto busy box easy bingo game for kids


Piccola are a ‘new to me’ store, but they’ve been around since 1966 and have two stores – one in Brentwood and one in Epping.

Piccola was set up to create a shop where parents are able to buy special things they wanted for their children. They stock a range of toys, clothes, books and more! We got sent two toys from  ‘Melissa and Doug’ but you can find the likes of ‘Indigo Jamm’, ‘Le Toy Van’ and ‘Janod’ on the website too. Everything looks as though it’s good quality, mostly wooden and hugely appealing.

tots and tykes hamper social network solutions explore new brands melissa and doug race car carrier wooden toys piccola

I’m really hoping I can keep the toys for baby number three. As I say in my vlog, this baby will be getting very little from new so I think it’ll just be nice to have a couple of those things put aside for him.

Get 20% off your next purchase with code ‘JADE20‘.

To say I’m overwhelmed with all the brands that were in this box would be a huge understatement. Not only have I been introduced to new brands, and you might have too, but I’ve seen new products from brands that I’d already heard of. I’m very lucky that I’ll be getting to grips with all the products in the box and using them, but also I feel so passionate about sharing them all with you as we use them!

Watch Me Unbox The Tots + Tykes Hamper Here:

What was your favourite product in the box? Any brands that you’d never heard of before?
*I was sent this Tots + Tykes hamper in return for featuring on my blog. All views and opinions are my own.

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