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I’m back with another Degustabox unboxing review and I think I might go as far to say that I’m a little disappointed with this month’s. Of course it’s a huge gamble every month as you never know what you’re going to get, if you’re going to use it or like it; sometimes it pays off and sometimes it can leave you feeling quite disappointed.

Degustabox for me is usually about the snacks. The things that I can quite happily dip in and out of, although if you remember last month’s review you’ll know that my husband ate all the Curlywurly Squirlies and I only got three out of the whole pack – yes, I’m still seething, and I felt it was really missing that element. It was mostly stuff that had to be tried at length, rather than just popping your hand into the packet – I’m hoping next month there’ll be some nice biscuits especially as Christmas isn’t long off.

Green & Black’s Velvet Edition, £1.99

One for my husband as I’m not a huge fan of dark chocolate unless I’m baking with it, although I do love Green & Black’s products in general – their white chocolate is amazing and one of my favourites.

degustabox review september 2017 products inside green & black's velvet edition dark chocolate

This dark chocolate has been using the finest Ghanaian cocoa and has been balanced out with Madagascan vanilla. It’s high in cocoa content but is incredibly smooth in flavour. I could certainly have a bit of it now and again but I couldn’t sit and demolish a whole bar.

Nestle Cheerios Oat Crisp, £2.49

So disappointed as I am a total non-cereal eater so I can’t even fully appreciate how good these must be. They sound lovely and won a Product of The Year award this year so they must be good! Crunchy flakes made with whole grain oats and mixed with crispy Cheerios, this cereal has been designed to help lower cholesterol.

degustabox review september 2017 products inside cheerios oat crisp bigger pack product of the year cholesterol reduce

They’re high in fibre, low in saturated fat and contain ‘beta-gluten’ within the oat fibre to keep your heart healthy. Definitely worth a try if you’re big on cereal!

San Miguel Gluten Free, £2.00 (or £9 for 6)

I don’t drink beer so this is totally lost on me! These are only included in the alcohol version of the Degustabox and I think the only thing I can really say is ‘hurray!’ – any brand that caters for those who have intolerances or allergies etc.. is a winner in my book.

degustabox review september 2017 products inside san miguel gluten free

It’s amazing what ingredients can be taken out and don’t affect the taste of things. I’m sure those who are gluten free will be more than happy about this.

Wild Planet Albacore Wild Tuna Steaks, £3.49

Wow, this tastes as amazing as it sounds. I usually stick with good old own brand tuna but this stuff totally makes me reconsider, especially as I don’t buy it often. It does come with a bit of a whopping price tag, especially just for one tin, but the taste is far superior to other tinned tuna.

degustabox review september 2017 products inside albacore wild planet tuna steaks no drain

It’s been ranked number one in the US by Greenpeace for sustainability, and the steaks are 100% pole and line caught. They’re hand packed and are only cooked once to retain natural juices in the can – they advise that you don’t drain! Mix all the juice into the tuna and whack it on a salad – it’s divine!

Knorr Concentrated Stock, £2.20

I don’t have much experience of Knorr, as I tend to stick with the other leading brand in stock, but I was actually quite excited to see how well this would go down. I haven’t ever really ventured from stock cubes so it was nice to try something that didn’t need to be crumbled in. It’s made with real beef extract, is gluten free and free from artificial colours, preservatives and no added MSG.

degustabox review september 2017 products inside knorr rich beef concentrated stock

The best way to use it is in gravy, but you could add some to your bolognese to really enhance the meaty beef flavour or you could add some into a casserole or broth. Perfect for the colder weather we’ve got coming. Now where are the dumplings?

Mentos Mint Mix Sharing Pouch, £1.19

Everyone’s heard of Mentos! This Mentos Mint Mix now comes in a shareable and resealable pouch. I love keeping fresh on the go so these are fab for sticking in your handbag or having handy in the car. Who says no to Mentos?

degustabox review september 2017 products inside mentos mint mix shareable pouch resealable

Seriously Spreadable Squares, £1.75

I haven’t yet been to purchase these; a voucher was included in the Degustabox as they are a perishable item. I love, love, love Seriously Spreadable anyway so to have it in handy squares is great for the kids. They’re perfect for adding to lunch boxes, taking on picnics or just having them handy for a quick go-to in the fridge.

They’re made with extra mature Scottish cheddar, one of Toby’s favourites, and it gives them the most incredibly taste. Toby loves these on crackers while I like mine on a big bit of doorstep toast.

Virtue Energy Water, £1.35

Jamie and I have a bit of an obsession with sparkling water at the moment. They’re much cheaper than any kind of ‘proper pop’ and tend to be better in the calorie department if you’re drinking full fat.

degustabox review september 2017 products inside virtue energy water sparkling berries lemon lime

Virtue Energy Water contains no sugar, no calories and no sweetener yet they still contain the same amount of caffeine as a cup of coffee. These are perfect for drinking on the go as you don’t have them in a big huge bottle and there’s no compromise on the taste. For every can sold, 500L of clean drinking water is donated. So what are you waiting for? Fill up your cupboard!

Dream Rice Quinoa, £1.60

Dream have two brand new flavours; Ancient Grains and Rice Quinoa. These plant based milk alternatives are perfect for those who are lactose free. I don’t know if I would use them in my cup of tea, but I’d certainly put them in a smoothie, especially as there’s no added sugar.

degustabox review september 2017 products inside dream rice quinoa milk alternative lactose free

Green’s Egg Custard Mix

This looks like the kind of thing my Nan would have used back in the day, or something I might find at the back of her larder. It looks pretty old school but aren’t those things always the best? Don’t we always talk about doing things the ‘old way’?

degustabox review september 2017 products inside green's egg custard filling mix

An absolute classic is the perfect egg custard mix. So simple, yet so easy to get wrong. Green’s have given us the golden goose with this packet as you absolutely can not go wrong. All you need to make it right is a pastry base and a little dusting of nutmeg to finish this off.

Latin American Kitchen By Santa Maria. Rice, £1.85, Sauce, £1.85.

I was so excited when I saw this come out of the Degustabox as peanut sauce is one of my favourites. It’s one of only five flavours offered by Latin American Kitchen but one I would happily eat again and again.

degustabox review september 2017 products inside latin american kitchen santa maria brazilian xinxim peanut sauce coconut and chilli rice

It’s not your typical ‘satay’ type sauce so if that’s what you’re expecting you’ll be disappointed. It’s slightly sour with a great tang and with the chicken and rice it all just comes together to create a taste sensation.

It’s a vibrant range with no end of exciting recipe ideas and I can’t wait to try some more of these! Yum!

Don’t forget, for a £7 discount on your first box use code ‘DMTF4’.

*We were sent this product in return for a review. All views and opinions are my own.



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