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So this year I’m hoping to be more organised and within that, I feel, falls meal planning. Jamie and I are terrible for last minute dinners for both ourselves and the boys so I’ve decided to take charge. We’re going to stop wasting so much money on food we don’t eat, and stop putting so much food in the bin! I’m going to need to get creative and crafty with our meals and I am going to do this *flexes bicep*. So these diaries will detail what we ate in the previous week and there’ll also be some recipes, some food inspiration and maybe some money saving tips too. I might even vlog a week or two, who knows? The idea isn’t necessarily to budget, but to eat what we’ve paid for and thus save us some money on food!

Monday – Nandos (oops!)

Eek, totally off plan and it’s only the first day! Our friends invited us to Nando’s for lunch, so we’re going to say that that’s our dinner (or tea, whatever you call it) and when this happens we usually swap meals around so we’ll probably just have a sandwich later this evening. If you’re interested, I’m also tracking my calories and macros because I’ve put on a *little* more weight than I’d hoped and it’s not just down to Christmas, but the big meals should make up about 1/3 of my daily intake.

I went for a medium butterfly chicken with chargrilled vegetables and corn on the cob. I normally go for peri salted chips and coleslaw, or garlic bread so went for something with a few less calories so that I can have another good sized meal later. It did fill me up, but I could’ve eaten more.

Tuesday – Baked Salmon, New Potatoes and Vegetables

With Tuesday being the one full day that I’m at work, and Jamie notĀ getting home until around 5pm, these will be the days I’ll hopefully either have something quick and easy ready to go, or a slow cooker meal. Today was a bit disorganised but we still managed something quick.

Wednesday – Chicken And Courgette Curry

This is definitely one of our “go to” meals in the week. Jamie and I both love this recipe which we’ve adapted from Joe Wicks’ Lean In 15 book. I believe his recipe includes prawns, although we’ve fiddled around with the recipe a little more to make it our own. I really want to start having it with prawns again as I do think we could do with a bit more seafood in our diet!

Thursday – Filled Pasta With Chicken & Tomato And Mascarpone Sauce

This is such a quick and easy meal that we always have these pastas in our fridge! They’re just the filled ravioli type pasta from Tesco – our favourite is ‘Italian Sausage and Ham’. We bake the chicken until cooked, add this to the cooked pasta and stir in some of the fresh tomato and mascarpone sauce. I sometimes even have this for lunch without the chicken. It’s a super duper quick recipe and the kids should love it. Mine don’t.

Friday – Bolognese With Penne Pasta

My bolognese sauces are different almost every time I make them. Sometimes I’ll decide to do it with bacon, other times I’ll add carrots and celery. Occasionally I’ll add everything in, but I’ve always got to have mushrooms! I love doing it with penne because the tubes get filled with the bolognese sauce and they’re like little pockets of bolognese love! Usually I would also try and batch cook something like this but didn’t have enough mince this week! I’d also like to try a bolognese with turkey mince instead of beef. That could be one for a couple of weeks time…

Saturday – Tarragon Chicken

This is one of my throw together kind of dishes. It’s really easy and really quick and you can change it up if you want to. It’s super tasty and you can serve it with a variety of side dishes. I tend to serve mine up with new potatoes and broccoli which are top notch. I think I’m going to have to do a recipe for you on this one, although I do sometimes make it up as I go along. But that’s what I love about cooking; it’s all about experimenting and tinkering isn’t it?

Sunday – Roast Dinner (Chicken)

There’s no better way to end the week than with a roast. Quite honestly I could eat a roast every day of the week, it’sĀ one of my absolute favourite meals that I could genuinely never tire of. Different vegetables each week, some decent home-made Yorkshire puddings, roast potatoes and occasionally some stuffing all washed down with some super thick gravy. Oh yes!

Hopefully next week I’ll have remembered to take pictures. I’ve just been too distracted and poorly this week to contend with perfecting a plate of food, sorry! What did you eat this week? Head over to see week two!

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  1. January 8, 2017 / 10:41 pm

    Oh I love this! My meal plans usually go to pot so doing a diary of what you ate is a great idea – can’t beat a cheeky nandos x

  2. January 8, 2017 / 8:52 pm

    Yesssss to sharing the tarragon chicken recipe because it has become a staple in our household! Love seeing this, and totally excited about reading them each week to get a bit of inspiration! xx

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