Baby Number Three | We’ve Had Our Scan!

I’ve been here twice before yet somehow the third time feels different. My whole pregnancy has, in fact, been so different to my previous two and, for some reason, I was nervous about what I’d see on the screen at this scan. So far I’ve kind of felt like a pregnancy fraud. I mean, I’ve had symptoms of pregnancy and I’ve had positive tests but what else do I really have to show for it? I haven’t seen anything in there, neither has anyone else. I don’t have a huge bump and nobody outside of our family and friends would know I was pregnant. I don’t know, I just kind of think seeing is believing and oh do I believe it now.

We arrived in the waiting room in good time for our appointment at 12.30pm. My bladder was fit to burst, as those of you who have been pregnant before will know, they ask you to drink plenty before your first scan. It just helps pushes everything upward so it’s easier to find!

Alison, the Sonographer, came out and called my name and into the room we went. I was asked to lie down on the table, pull my top clothes up and bottom clothes down (much further than you think would be necessary by the way)! She popped some warm gel on my belly and proceeded to go ahead with the handheld scanner. She kept the screen turned away from me to begin with although Jamie could see as he’s sat further down than I am. ‘Nice, full bladder’, she says. No kidding lady, I’m fit to pee on this table if you press any harder. She has a little look around and then she looks at me and turns the screen. There it is. Our third little baby.

baby number three we've had our scan third pregnancy 12 weeks 3 days pregnant sonogram nub theory

baby number three we've had our scan third pregnancy 12 weeks 3 days pregnant sonogram nub theory

Moving. Wriggling. Somersaulting. It’s all a bit surreal. I haven’t done this for a long time and it’s a bit weird to come to the realisation that there is something actually in there. These sore boobs and nausea aren’t for nothing so far – woop!

Alison measured the CRL (crown to rump length) to give an idea of how far gone I was and it turns out that compared to my own date I’m actually three days ahead of my original date. This brings us forward to a due date of 30th September, as opposed to the 3rd October. For us, this brings the whole pregnancy forward by around a week as I’ll be going in for a caesarean.

She had another good look around checking on everything else, asking if we wanted the nuchal screening, which we did but she couldn’t quite get the measurements from the back of the neck. I had make a bridge and give my whole body a little shake around to try and move this baby! That’s nothing new as it happened at one scan or another with the boys! She finally got what she needed and then told me I’d have to have a quick blood test and this, combined with the measurements, would give us an indication of the probability of Down’s, Edwards’ or Patau’s and that the results would be with me within a week, unless something was seriously amiss.

baby number three we've had our scan third pregnancy 12 weeks 3 days pregnant sonogram nub theory

And with that I was told to rub my belly dry and that I’d be back in at around 19 weeks pregnant for the anomaly scan. So, until then I’m just going to have to keep growing this baby!


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