Making Our House A Home | Seven Home Cleaning Hacks You Need To Know

We’re all searching for ways to make our lives that little bit easier; ‘life hacks’, tips and hints that will make my life easier are all very welcome in my house, especially with two full on boys and another little baby on the way. Whether you’re looking for new ways to save money for something special, or you’re just thinking you’d like a little more time to do the things you love rather than being a slave to every day adult life, the internet is a hub of advice and information to help you out. Since moving into my own home a few years ago I’ve picked up some great cleaning hacks for around the home. Here are my top seven simple cleaning hacks that you could try today for a cleaner home.

Clean Your Chopping Board Organically

I don’t know about you but our chopping board turns into a nightmare, especially as it’s wooden. When you’re cleaning yours, plastic or wooden, you’re probably inadvertently leaving traces of chemicals on there. And, if you’re only using soapy water, you run the risk of bacteria thriving on there – especially with a wooden one.

making our house a home top seven home cleaning hacks you need to know lemon kosher salt chopping board disinfect

To give it a thorough clean, without leaving any harmful traces or bacteria behind, cover your chopping board in kosher salt and rub a lemon that’s been sliced in half across it. Not only will this disinfect the surface and leave it safe for the next use, it’ll smell pretty good too. Just make sure to rub in all directions.

Baking Soda

One of my go to products – and for good reason. Baking soda contains incredible cleaning power and it’s definitely not to be underestimated. Guaranteed, you can find a cleaning use for baking soda in every room of your house. Leave it overnight on a slightly knackered looking rug and hoover it up the next morning to give it a fresh look, or use it in a mop bucket to bright up a dull-looking floor.

One of my favourite things to do is get it fizzing down the sink with white vinegar. Nothing like a little home ‘experiment’ that gets the kids involved.

Be Careful With Your Floors

Cleaning your floors can be a big job, and one that gets avoided. Different types of floor require different types of care so it’s important to know what works for you. For example, you can steam clean tiled floors to create a lovely shine. It might be easy to think you can replicate this if you’ve got hardwood flooring. However, excess moisture and heat can damage the wood and lead to problems further down the line. Most of the time, just a soft brush or a quick hoover should do it.

making our house a home top seven home cleaning hacks you need to know hardwood karndean flooring pattern clean wooden floors

With mine, I use a spray mop sparingly – especially under the table where I’m bound to find dried on food from that the kiddies have dropped from their dinner plates. I also use a specific wood floor cleaner to help prevent damage too.

Bake Using Foil

Cleaning a baking tray or grill after I’ve cooked something is literally the bane of my life. Constantly finding that you’re scrubbing dried on or burnt on food can be really frustrating. Depending on what you’re cooking either line your baking trays with a sheet of foil or wrap the food you’re cooking. By doing this you can simply peel it away without having to put in much elbow grease afterwards. If you’re concerned that tin foil is a bit too expensive because, let’s be honest, it can be pricey then just head for the cheapest stuff you can find as it’ll do the same job.

Line Your Bins With Newspaper

You can picture it now can’t you? You take your bin liner, full of rubbish, out of your bin and there’s a slow drip of liquid coming out of the bottom. It’s a common problem with many people – especially those with young children like me. Whether they’ve thrown a half eaten bowl of cereal away, milk included, or a half empty juice carton, then lining the bottom of your bin with some newspaper makes total sense – once you’ve finished reading it with a cup of tea of course.

making our house a home top seven home cleaning hacks you need to know newspaper line your bins prevent juice drip

It’ll help to absorb any of the excess liquid which makes for easier cleaning – just make sure you change the paper each time you change your bin as they could end up being a bit smelly too!

Clean Burnt Pans With Ease

Over the years, I’ve found that a few of my pans have these layers of burnt on residue that have just accumulated – no matter how well they’ve been washed. My go-to dirt busting solution for this consists of just 3 ingredients that will lift the dirt off without too much effort at all. Fill a cup with some water and white vinegar (the holy grail of all cleaning, in my opinion!) and add this to your pan. Bring to the boil and then add a couple of heaped tablespoons of baking soda (yep, that’s right we’re back to this magic). Once it’s reached boiling, turn it off and allow the solution to cool. Tip away the excess and wash as usual – you’ll have something that resembles a brand new pan!

Get To Blinds And Shelves

These are the absolute bane of my life since moving into our house in August. Pretty much every room has plantation shutters installed across the windows and they are some of the worst dust collectors I’ve ever known. Blinds and shelves can be hugely awkward to clean and incredibly time consuming too – so, other than hiring a cleaner, how’s best to tackle them?

making our house a home top seven home cleaning hacks you need to know and use blinds and shutters plantation clean

Rinse a clean sock with water and a little white vinegar. Pop your hand inside and wipe your hand along the surface. The vinegar will help to tackle some of the more stubborn dirt (you wouldn’t think blinds/shutters get dirty, but they do!) and the water will attract the dust rather than shifting it along like a standard duster would. Once they’ve been wiped down, get another clean sock to dry them with and prevent any streaking or too much residue.

I don’t know about you but putting these cleaning hacks into practise can really help save a minute or two here and there and so I’d love to know what your top cleaning hacks for around the house are. Perhaps you put white vinegar or cola down the toilet? Or maybe you get the kids involved to help speed things up. Whatever it is that you do, share away!

*This is a collaborative post.



  1. July 7, 2018 / 1:41 pm

    Useful hacks Jade!

    I usually mix 1/4 hydrogen peroxide, 3/4 distilled or boiled water and disinfectant essential oils in a spray bottle and use the solution as a disinfectant. Its natural and also saves me money.

  2. April 22, 2018 / 7:05 pm

    Lining the bins with newspapers is a great idea! We already try to line trays with foil to make cleaning easier. Anything to spend less time cleaning! x

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