Down The Aisle | Why Spit-Roasted Meat Is The Perfect Food Choice For Your Wedding Reception

For the bride and groom, the wedding ceremony is the highlight of the day. For everyone else, it tends to be the reception that they look forward to, and enjoy, the most. They love having the chance to mingle, catch up with family and friends, have a dance, get a tiny(?) bit drunk and enjoy great food.

For the wedding itself, the food and service should be special. It’s part of what makes the day so memorable. We chose to have a three course meal for our wedding although Jamie and I didn’t get to taste a morsel because we were so ill – yes, I know! We were, and still are, devastated! For the evening, lots of people seem to be opting for the good old hog roast and here are a few reasons why this could be a great option for your wedding reception. We chose to go with hog roast baps, rather than having a full pig on show just because we had a few vegetarians and we were mindful about that.

Special Food For A Special Occasion

If you want to add a touch of theatre to your wedding, hiring a hog roast catering firm like the ones you can find here can be a great option. People love the taste of spit-roasted meats plus the sight of the whole hog can be an impressive one. Not only that, the smell is divine when it’s being served up so everyone looks forward to eating it. I love being able to pick out a bit of crackling too!

down the aisle Why Spit-Roasted Meat Is The Perfect Food Choice For Your Wedding Reception hog roast pig over barbecue heat crackling

Far More Than Just Spit-Roasted Hog Meat

One of the best things about spit roasts if that you don’t necessarily just have to serve a hog to your guests. The modern machines that are used can usually be set up to cook practically any meat you like.

Whether you prefer beef joints, a good joint of gammon, lamb or suckling pigs – they all taste superb after turning over the heat. A row of whole turkeys is another option and they can certainly look impressive. Whatever meat you decide to serve up, whether it’s just one or you’re going to offer a few options, you’re guaranteed some seriously succulent meat.

A Great Choice Of Serving Options

A good hog roast catering firm will not only provide you with the meat but will also offer a huge range of side dishes, sauces, salads and desserts to accompany it. At the very least your guests won’t go hungry because they’ll have so much to choose from.

In the past, if you hired a hog roast catered you’d only have been offered one way for the meant to be served once cooked; sliced off and served in a roll with a bit of apple sauce and some stuffing if you were lucky!

down the aisle Why Spit-Roasted Meat Is The Perfect Food Choice For Your Wedding Reception hog roast pig crackling serve as main meal

Yes, this tastes wonderful and it’s something most people will rarely get the chance to enjoy throughout the year, but for a wedding it’s nice to serve it with something with a little more ‘wow’.

Hog roast catering firms have wised up to this and to set themselves apart they’ve come up with so many ways to serve up the meat. Providing you with a selection of side dishes as well as the sauces means it can be served as it is, or as part of a three course dinner.

Top Class Service

Most hog roast caterers know how to add a touch of luxury to the hog roasts that they cook. Usually you’re able to hire some extra staff; waiters, specialist chefs and bar staff to name a few. Everyone is usually dressed in some kind of uniform and if you really need it they’ll even be able to provide crockery and cutlery for an event like a wedding.

down the aisle Why Spit-Roasted Meat Is The Perfect Food Choice For Your Wedding Reception rotisserie chicken

Choosing The Right Option

While it’s great to have so much choice, it can make it tricky for you to decide what style of food to have your hog roast caterer serve at your wedding. If you’re not sure you can always find a bit of help here. I remember having to try catering for fussy adults, a few children and some vegetarians so it was nice to come up with someone that pleased everyone in the end!

What food did you have for your wedding reception? Did you opt for a hog roast or any kind of spit-roasted meat?

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