Keeping Up With The Bump | Week 34

It’s week 34 and the last few days have been a bit crazy to say the least. We had an unexpected hospital stay due to a few growth concerns but other than that it’s been much of the same!

Keeping up with the bump - week 34

What’s Happening To You In Week 34?

Well, you have been quite the little rascal this week. We went back to the hospital yesterday for a quick scan to check your fluid and blood flow levels which all came back good so I’m feeling a bit more reassured. It still doesn’t answer questions about your growth though. They’ve explained your chart to me (tailored specifically based on my stats and previous history) but you’ve dropped two centiles! We have another appointment on Tuesday to see how you’ve gotten on in the next week so fingers crossed you’ve decided to have a big growth spurt.

growth chart maternity notes

Your movements have started picking up again and I can feel you having a good wriggle around. I’m now wondering whether your reduced movements were down to you deciding you wanted to flip 180 degrees and be breech though? You’re expected to weigh around 4.2-5.3lb. Going by the scan estimate on Wednesday – you’re roughly 4lb. I’m not too worried as Toby was 4 days late and only weighed 6lb 15.5oz, so I think I’m just destined to have diddy babies.

By now, you’ve probably shed quite a lot of the hair that was over your body and the vernix is slowly disappearing too. Your lungs are maturing each day, something we’ve been more aware of since the beginning of the week. I’ve had steroid injections to help with your lungs if they decide you need to come early. Your immune system is now running independently and isn’t relying on any antibodies being passed through the placenta (which is just as well, because it’s around this time that the placenta starts to get a bit old and aged). This is a really important part of your development as your self immunity will help you throughout the rest of your life and not just at birth.

You’re constantly on the go with your weeing – around a pint a day, and your digestive system is fulling working by itself now too!

What’s Happening To Mummy In Week 34?

I’m sure I’ve found a few grey hairs this week after your escapades! I never thought I’d have to worry about something this far along the pregnancy. I guess I just assumed that as everything was fine with Toby, that everything would be fine this time.

The heartburn, and lots of it, is really kicking in now. It basically appears minutes after swallowing anything that might set it off! I packed some of my hospital bag in a rush on Wednesday morning just in case something was wrong (call it mother’s instinct) and so I should really think about finishing that off properly.

I don’t really have much to say about me this week, I’ve been so focused on other things that I’ve not really had a chance to think about the things going on around my body. I’m still struggling with some breathlessness, though luckily the sciatica has been at bay the last few days, or I’ve just not had time to pay attention to it.

I’m not going to post a picture of us together this week because I’m pretty much the same as week 33! However, I have got a picture of your little face that the lovely sonographer gave to me on the way out. Considering it’s a standard NHS scan and not 3D, I think she’s captured you almost perfectly…

Keeping up with the bump - week 34 face scan

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