Keeping Up With The Bump | An Unexpected Hospital Stay

You may have already read my Project 365 post about being referred for a growth scan after my 31 week appointment only to be told all was fine and they weren’t too concerned. However, the midwife at the time booked me in for a 33 week appointment (1 week earlier than normal) just to keep an eye on everything as it had shown as me dropping a centile.

After going to see her on Monday and my fundal height (uterus measurement) still being only 30cm, and with her plotting on the graph, I had only grown 1cm in 5 weeks which was a slight concern. It also showed that I had dropped another centile, and so I was booked in for another scan. I turned up to the ultrasound clinic on Wednesday after throwing some essentials in my hospital bag just incase I ended up being told I would have to deliver, (although I left it at home) thinking they would tell me everything was fine again, but it showed his growth is so slow it’s almost static.

While waiting for my results I had been sent over to DAU (day assessment unit) for them to monitor the baby’s heart rate and movements, especially as I had expressed some concerns about them being reduced and the consultant was called to come and have a chat with me.

Unexpected hospital stay QEHKL DAU monitoring bands baby foetal movements

When he eventually got round to me, I’d already been given a steroid shot as there had been some discussion that I may have to deliver early – which is weird as I said in one of my pregnancy updates that I’d been having dreams of him getting here before he was ready.

The discussions with the consultant and midwife were quite brief, in that he would like me to be closely monitored, and that they would like to see me get to 36 weeks due to the maturity of the lungs and that the longer we can keep him inside, the better. He wanted to keep me in overnight for observations and monitoring, as well as being able to administer the second steroid injection at 2.30am!

I came home, packed an overnight bag and made myself some food to take in! I didn’t know whether I’d be back in time for dinner and didn’t want to risk going hungry. When I got back the midwife came and sat with me and went through everything that was happening and the admissions paperwork was completed. I then had some bloods taken and the consultant popped in to check I was OK. And so began my unexpected hospital stay.

By the time all that had been done, it was getting a bit late and I didn’t get on a monitor until about 9pm as they’d had to do a handover at 8pm in between everything else. I came off around 10pm and she told me I should get some rest, which I happily obliged to because I was absolutely shattered. Luckily, I’d been set up in a completely empty bay and the other 3 beds around me were empty, and with that I texted my goodnights, turned off all the TV monitors next to the beds so it was pitch black and rolled over to sleep!

Unexpected hospital stay QEHKL Castleacre monitoring

I got woken up at 11pm by another lady who had also been admitted to the bay, which was fine, if she hadn’t bashed everything around every 5 minutes like she was the only person there! Not only was she unbelievably noisy, she decided she wanted her TV on which actually turned out to be brighter than the flipping sun! I managed to ignore it, until she woke me up at around 12.50am crashing into her bedside trolley getting out of her bed to go to the toilet. Not only did she manage to bang it once, but twice and a third time, always followed by a loud ‘oh for god sake’.

Do you not learn after the first time that it’s still there? Secondly, my bed kept inflating and deflating, accompanied what sounded like a motorbike engine, which I luckily managed to turn off. This very quiet lady also managed to wake me up at 2.30am by going to the loo, which was fine because they were going to wake me up any minute for my second steroid injection. Except they didn’t. I managed to doze back off and they woke me up at 3.10am, where I then laid with a stingy left bum cheek and top of thigh until around 4.45am, only to be woken up at 6.30am for them to discuss something they didn’t think was quite clear in my notes. I gave up trying to sleep after that!

I have never counted down the minutes to a more disappointing breakfast before and, in spite of the disappointment, I still ate it because I was so hungry – although I was glad I’d bought a stash of breakfast biscuits with me! I eventually had the consultant come back round with ‘the plan’. I’m due back in hospital late afternoon tomorrow for another scan and another lot of monitoring on DAU and, once that’s done, I’m back again early Tuesday afternoon for another scan followed by clinic with the consultant to discuss the next steps.

Unexpected hospital stay QEHKL castle acre

I’ll have to let you know how I get on, but that’s it for now. I’m hoping to get some blogging scheduled but I’m sure you’ll understand if I don’t and I’d love for you to still have a read! Thank you for all of those who have been kind enough to ask how I’m getting on, I have been reading them all. I haven’t managed any sleep since I got home this morning and my eyes are stinging like mad, but I just can’t sleep. My mind is in overdrive and I just keep thinking about what the essential things are to get done, just in case this baby comes early! Maybe he just wants to meet us all, but I’m pretty anxious as I know he’ll be moved to NICU straight away!


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  1. April 16, 2015 / 10:17 pm

    What a difficult and scary day you had! I’m glad the doctors are bringing you back and will keep a careful eye on baby. Plus it’s great you got that shot, despite the pain. Please God baby will get another few weeks before their arrival. Do keep us posted! I’ll be thinking of you xx

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